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Unlimited Extensions

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Quick Look at the Unlimited Extensions Feature:

United World Telecom offers unlimited extensions to our customers to keep their teams well-connected and make it easy for customers to connect with the right department. This feature can help your business:

  • Manage high call traffic periods effectively
  • Offer quick and responsive customer support
  • Reduce cost-handling costs
  • Maintain effective communication, even during off-hours

What are Extensions?

Phone extensions are a business phone system feature that lets customers call and connect with a specific department, employee, or division directly. When callers dial an extension, they connect directly to the person they want to reach without going through a receptionist or IVR system.

With this feature, your customers spend less time finding the person they need to talk to or being bounced around from one department to another. This enables them to get quick responses and excellent customer service.

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Understanding the Advanced Extensions

Phone extensions are easy to work with and set up. You can create a navigation menu through your IVR system that offers callers several options and prompts. They can identify who they need to speak with through this list and press the appropriate number to be transferred directly to the employee or department. Additionally, they can even dial in the extension when they dial the main business phone number. This will also direct them to the desired individual. If the receiver is busy, then the caller will be prompted to leave a voicemail.

Benefits of a Well-Connected Phone System

Phone extensions simplify the way your business manages incoming calls. You do not need a receptionist or multiple employees sorting through calls to ensure every caller gets to the right destination. Instead, this process is automated, saving time, energy, and costs. Whether it is a high call volume period or after hours, extensions help callers get to the right employee or voicemail box. This further helps your business improve caller experience and offer prompt and reliable customer service.

How to Set Up Extensions

United World Telecom offers its customers unlimited extensions with every virtual phone number plan. You can set up and adjust settings for these extensions through our IVR feature in your Control Panel. Assign specific extensions to your employees’ or departments’ direct lines and manage calls more effectively.


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