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Failover Forwading

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Ensure Calls are Always Answered with Failover Forwarding

With Failover Forwarding, automate your call forwarding needs so that no call goes unanswered and customers do not have to wait long to connect with your business. Use failover forwarding to:

  • Increase Connectivity
  • Route Calls to Multiple Destinations
  • Increase Business Productivity

What is Failover Forwarding?

United World Telecom’s failover forwarding feature enables businesses to program multiple phone numbers or SIP accounts to answer incoming calls. By utilizing multiple Tier1 carriers, if the first number or SIP account is busy or fails to connect, the system automatically connects the incoming call to the next number in line. By doing this, failover routing ensures that calls are not dropped.

voicemail screenHow Does it Work?

This feature is designed to find the best carrier for optimum connection and successfully handle and minimize failover issues. In case your PSTN number or SIP account is unreachable, our failover routing feature will automatically forward incoming calls to a pre-defined backup destination. Let’s take a look at PSTN and SIP failover individually.

PSTN Failover Forwarding

PSTN refers to the regular landline phone number. You can program PSTN numbers into our system to take advantage of the failover forwarding feature. In case the incoming calls can’t get to the primary PSTN number, our system will automatically forward them to specified backup PSTN numbers. Additionally, any timeouts or other errors triggered and detected when your number is dialed will immediately trigger a call to your backup numbers.

SIP Failover Forwarding

You can use United World Telecom’s failover forwarding add-on feature to program SIP accounts too. Our network continuously monitors the availability and response of your SIP device. In case the primary SIP account does not answer incoming calls, then the calls are immediately forwarded to a backup SIP destination.

SIP with PSTN Failover

Lastly, you can use our failover forwarding feature to route calls to both your PSTN to SIP accounts. If the call does not go through to your PSTN, our system detects that issue and forwards the call to your SIP account in the pre-defined backup number.

Key Benefits of Failover Routing

  1. Offers increased connectivity
    With incoming calls automatically forwarded and connected to backup destinations, you can ensure that calls are never missed or dropped if the dialed or primary number is busy.
  2. Routing sequence can include multiple destinations
    With this add-on feature, you enjoy the possibility to set up a failover routing sequence to multiple destinations, including both PSTN numbers and SIP accounts. This feature will prove useful during internal phone system maintenance.
  3. Improves business productivity
    By attending and catering to a maximum number of callers, you can significantly increase your business productivity and profitability.

No Call Goes Unanswered with Failover Forwarding

Failover Forwarding comes with every United World Telecom virtual number plan. You can use this feature to forward incoming calls to a list of multiple phone numbers in case the first number is unavailable. Quickly add and remove users as needed through the Control Panel within a few minutes.


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