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Business Voicemail Translation

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Business Voicemail Translation is a powerful tool that simplifies communication while opening doors to new global opportunities. Learn more about this VoIP feature that helps break down language barriers and increase accessibility.

What is Business Voicemail Translation?

Business Voicemail Translation is a cloud telephony feature that leverages AI and machine learning technologies to automatically translate voicemail transcript messages into your preferred language.

You can seamlessly integrate this with your cloud phone system, ensuring your teams never miss an important message due to language differences.

How Do Our Voicemail Translations Work?

This United World Telecom feature builds on our Voicemail-to-Email and Voicemail Transcription features to bring you a comprehensive Virtual Voicemail solution.

When activated, you can decide what language your voicemail transcriptions should be translated to. Then, these voicemail translations will show up under the transcripts—in the original language and translated language—in your desired email inbox. You can also view these translations in the control panel’s voicemail inbox.

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Benefits of Voicemail Translation for Business

The main benefit of translating business voicemails is to increase your business’ accessibility. Customers from different linguistic backgrounds can contact your business in their preferred language. This is especially useful when expanding globally.

Depending on how often this happens, you may decide to open language-specific service centers to improve business’ reach and engagement. This way, you ensure your diverse customer base feels heard, valued, and understood.

And with this translation happening automatically, say goodbye to the time-consuming process of translating voicemails into multiple languages manually. Your team can spend this valuable time on core business activities instead. Additionally, this feature ensures that all team members, regardless of their native languages, can access and understand important messages, setting them up to provide excellent and faster customer service.

Common Business Use Cases

So, who can best benefit from a business voicemail translation feature? Here are the most popular use cases:

Multinational Corporations: Large enterprises with offices and clients worldwide can streamline their communication processes. With this feature, your teams can access important messages and act on them, no matter where they originate from.

Global Sales Teams: For businesses targeting international markets, this feature allows sales representatives to receive voicemails from clients and prospects in various languages.

International Customer Support: Similarly, your customer service teams can efficiently handle customer inquiries from around the world, enabling your business to offer global customer support.

How to Translate Voicemail Messages?

You can translate business voicemail messages by manually using a translation service, like Google Translate. Simply enter the voicemail transcript into the translation tool and choose the language to translate into.

However, if you want to automate the process and reduce time spent translating accurately, you can use a voicemail translation feature. This will automatically translate voicemail transcripts and send them to your desired email addresses.

United World Telecom offers a Business Voicemail Translation add-on for $3.95 per month per phone line. You can add this feature in your control panel Voicemail settings.

Get Business Voicemail Translation with UWT

Unlock the potential of Business Voicemail Translation in your cloud telephony system today and revolutionize the way your business communicates, collaborates, and expands on a global scale.

Want to learn more about this feature? Chat with our telecom experts today!

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