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Finetune your call management process with Introduction Prompts, a feature for any professional juggling business calls from various sources. This feature will tell you who is calling based on your specific business setup. For example – “This is a business call from XYZ” or “Office line 463 calling.”

Handling multiple businesses or preparing for sales vs support calls is made easier when you know what to expect. Let’s dive in!

What are Introduction Prompts?

Introduction Prompts is a business VoIP feature that is played to you (the user) when you answer a call. The purpose of this feature is to inform your business of the source of the incoming call. So, if you answer business calls on your personal smartphone, you can set the introduction prompt to say “XYZ business call” as you answer the phone. This way, you can prepare for the call before it connects you to the caller.

How Do Introduction Prompts Work?

The Introduction Prompts feature comes with every United World Telecom cloud phone number plan. You can upload your own prompt or record one on the spot. The next time you receive a call on that phone line, this message will play when you answer. However, your caller won’t hear the prompt.

Use Cases

You can use these prompts to cue you into the nature of the call when answering. It can also inform you of the source of this call such as a sales or support call, a particular market or region, a specific campaign, etc. Here are some examples of how to use the Introduction Prompts feature:

1. Keep Work and Business Separate

Mastering the art of work-life balance starts with clear boundaries. Use Introduction Prompts to separate work and business calls. For example, link your direct office line to your personal phone. So, when a call comes in, you are notified with the prompt “Office line 367.” This allows you to mentally shift gears and get in the right mindset for the call.

2. Track Marketing Campaigns

If you run multiple marketing and social media campaigns, tracking calls and campaign effectiveness is crucial to determining next moves. Assign different numbers to distinct campaigns, and set corresponding prompts such as “Google ads campaign” or “Call from social media offer for 10% off.” This helps you evaluate the source and strategy performance while also personalizing the response to the caller.

3. Manage Multiple Businesses

For entrepreneurs running multiple ventures, distinguishing calls from each business can be a logistical nightmare. Simplify this by identifying the business the call is associated with, like a prompt saying “Call from landscaping business.” This way, you keep operations smooth and professional across all fronts.

4. Personalize Customer Service

The same goes for entrepreneurs operating a global business and international sales. For instance, a prompt like “Call from Mexico” attached to your Mexico phone number line alerts the recipient to answer in Spanish, while “Call from the US” suggests a response in English. This level of customization in communication fosters a sense of connection, further improving customer service.

5. Handle Business Segments

In environments like cloud call centers or service centers, where agents handle a myriad of calls, these prompts can indicate which service to provide for each call. Here you can have prompts like “Call from your support number” or “Call from XYZ sales campaign.” This helps agents adjust their approach and tone accordingly.

How to Set Up Introduction Prompts

Since Introduction Prompts come with each of our plans, you can log in to your Control Panel to set it up.

1. Once logged in, click on My Phone Numbers, hover over your desired phone line, and click on Settings.

2. Then select Call Forwarding and below, click on Basic.

3. Here, under Introduction Prompt, you can Upload or Record your prompts.

We recommend keeping the prompt short to 2-3 seconds. You can adjust these prompts for different phone numbers for better segmentation.

Better Call Management with UWT

Introduction Prompts can revolutionize the way your teams handle your calls, keeping you a step ahead in every conversation.

Upgrade your cloud phone system with advanced call management features. Chat with our experts to learn more or call us today!

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