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With the rise of remote work and global collaboration, companies are seeking innovative solutions to streamline communication processes and improve productivity. One such solution is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). From optimized call handling to improved customer support, CTI offers a range of capabilities that can elevate your company’s communication strategy. With CTI, your business can:

  • Convert any computer into a business phone
  • Make calls from desired devices
  • Increase accessibility and flexibility

What is a CTI and How Does it Work?

CTI bridges the gap between computers and telephone systems, allowing for seamless interaction. With CTI software, your computer or laptop transforms into a fully functional business phone, enabling tasks like call placement, reception, and routing.

This technology empowers you to conduct business from any device and location, requiring only an internet connection and telephony software. Various CTI solutions incorporate features such as VoIP integrations, voice APIs, and more to enhance communication capabilities.

An example of CTI

Say you have a team of sales representatives working remotely. With computer telephony integration, they can use their laptop to make and receive calls just like they would with a traditional desk phone. They can answer calls directly from their devices, access relevant customer data stored in the CRM system, and even make notes during the conversation—all without having to use a physical phone.

This seamless integration of computer and telephone technology enables them to work efficiently from anywhere with a stable internet, providing a flexible way to manage calls productively.

For United World Telecom customers:

The cloud phone service provided by United World Telecom (UWT) acts as a computer telephony integration as it effortlessly integrates with your existing devices and infrastructure. You can easily plug our service into your PBX system or desk phone network, or use our softphone and Chrome extension on your favorite devices.

Benefits of Using CTI Technology

Looking to upgrade your business phone system and streamline communications? Consider integrating telephony or VoIP. Here’s why your business should adopt CTI software:

1. Make business calls from anywhere: You will no longer be confined to your office desk phone. Transform your computer or any device like smartphone, laptop, or tablet into a functional business phone. This ensures flexibility and accessibility.

2. Customized call routing: Tailor call routing rules and IVR menus to meet specific needs, ensuring efficient call handling and optimal customer service.

3. Comprehensive call monitoring: Easily review call recordings and detailed activity reports, facilitating performance analysis and quality assurance.

4. Global team connectivity: Seamlessly route calls between locations and foster collaboration through in-network calling, regardless of geographical barriers.

5. Streamlined communication management: Centralize voice communication by managing all interactions from a single platform, enhancing efficiency and organization.

Ways your Business can Leverage CTI

With our cloud telephony phone service, your business can:

1. Effortlessly Initiate Calls

Make calls from your computer at the click of a button, eliminating the need for a separate desk phone.

Instead of agents picking up a phone to call a client, they simply click on the associated number with a CRM software or webpage to initiate the calls, saving time and improving operational efficiency.

2. Manage Calls Easily

Take advantage of basic phone controls such as answering, transferring, conferencing, and holding calls seamlessly through our solution.

Agents can handle multiple incoming calls simultaneously by answering, transferring, or placing callers on hold with a few clicks on their softphone.

3. Implement Advanced Call Routing

Advanced routing and IVR strategies help efficiently route and transfer calls based on predefined criteria.

With these features, incoming calls can be automatically routed to the appropriate department or team based on the caller’s selection in the IVR menu, providing a personalized experience.

4. Access Call Management Tools

Gain access to call logs, activity reports, and recording features to track and analyze call data for improved performance and customer service.

Generate custom reports through our call reporting feature for real-time call activity insights, like caller IDs, durations, peak call times, and caller locations. Use these insights to understand customer call patterns, inform marketing strategies, and optimize staffing.

5. Use Calling Tools and Integrations

Our outbound phone service includes access to the UWT Softphone, web dialer, and browser extension, providing flexibility and convenience for making calls. The softphone can integrate with popular CRM and help desk platforms like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and HubSpot, enabling automatic synchronization of call activity and contacts.

Let’s say your sales team is using the softphone on their Windows computer to manage client interactions. With the softphone’s integrations with various CRM apps, every call made or received is automatically logged in the CRM system. This enables your agent to track communication history, access client information quickly, and follow up on leads.

Industries that Benefit from CTI Software

Discover the diverse applications of CTI technology across various sectors:

  • Call and contact centers
  • Businesses of all sizes facing variable or steady call volumes
  • Enterprises with distributed and remote teams
  • Companies operating across multiple global offices and locations
  • Business process outsourcing like call center BPOs

Using a CTI Solution from United World Telecom

Unlock effortless local and international calling, advanced routing, detailed call reporting, and more through UWT’s online control panel. Ready to learn more? Contact us today! Call +1 (561) 908-6171 or chat with us online!

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