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Round Robin Call Routing

round robin routing
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Every incoming call represents an opportunity to connect with customers, address their needs, and ultimately drive business growth. However, managing a high volume of calls can be a daunting task. This is where round robin call routing works as a game-changer. With this feature, your business can:

round robin call routing

  • Evenly distribute calls among agents or reps
  • Optimize call handling
  • Ensure no opportunity is missed
  • Provide prompt and attentive care to each customer

What is Round Robin Routing?

Round robin call routing is an advanced call routing method where incoming calls are evenly distributed among various agents or representatives. It operates by sequentially directing calls through a predefined list of recipients.

This routing strategy typically relies on the automatic call distribution (ACD) or IVR systems to efficiently direct incoming calls, enhancing caller experience.

Dealing with a substantial number of incoming calls, particularly in sales or support? This feature might prove extremely useful in better call management. United World Telecom is working on introducing the round robin call routing feature.

How Does Round Robin Call Routing Work?

This feature operates on a predetermined set of lists and rules to efficiently distribute calls across your network. It is typically easy to set up; simply configure these rules through your service provider’s control panel or dashboard.

Within that interface, you make a roster of agents, establish the agent order (A, B, C), and define how calls will route. Then, when a client calls, the IVR or ACD system refers to the established agent order and forwards the call accordingly.

If agents A, B, and C are available, the call first goes to A as they’re first in the agent order, followed by agent B, then C. This method ensures an even distribution of calls among the agents, preventing overload on any single individual.

What Can Your Business do with Round Robin Routing? Benefits

Ensuring efficient customer service and sales support hinges on equipping your teams and agents for success. Do you have teams located in different locations? Or, does your business grapple with high inbound call volumes? This routing strategy helps evenly distribute workload among agents, ensuring teams are not overburdened while improving operational efficiency. Here are some other benefits of using round robin call routing:

  • Elevate caller experience and customer satisfaction – by providing quick and response support.
  • Customize call availability based on agent schedules – by understanding your business’ call flow and being proactive.
  • Decrease wait times and abandoned calls – by routing strategically and to available agents.
  • Expedite resolution of customer inquiries – by sending calls to the right agent.
  • Minimize instances of voicemails and missed calls – by routing calls to offshore call center when traffic is high.
  • Seamlessly transfer and forward calls during busy periods – by preparing in advance with custom routing rules.
  • Optimize the utilization of your team’s time efficiently – by doing all of the above.

Route with Backup Options

It is important to note a potential challenge with this routing strategy. Since calls are directed in a sequential manner, encountering a busy agent could mean extended wait time for callers. Fortunately, there are measures to address this situation, such as:

  • Diverting calls to voicemail after a brief waiting period,
  • Directing them to the next available agent after shorter wait periods, or
  • Transferring calls to a customer support outsourcing company or backup staff.

Round robin routing can be used with other call routing techniques, such as simultaneous ringing, to mitigate unanswered calls or prolonged wait times.

How to Set up Round Robin Routing?

While United World Telecom doesn’t yet have a straightforward round robin call routing feature, users can set up a version of this routing strategy in the control panel. Here is how you can configure this type of routing with your call forwarding number:

  1. Log in to your Control Panel.
  2. Choose a phone service line and click on Settings.
  3. Select Call Forwarding from the horizontal menu and click Advanced Routing.
  4. Click the orange Go to Rules button.
  5. Click the green Create New Rule button.
  6. Select “Default/Sequential.”
  7. Here you can enter all the parameters you wish to add to your routing rule. Enter the description, days-of-the-week, start and end dates, and phone number to forward to.
  8. Add additional numbers that will ring sequentially if the previous number does not answer. Click Save Rule.

Use Advanced Routing with United World Telecom

Round robin routing is just one of the many advanced call routing strategies you can avail for free with your United World Telecom phone number plan. To learn more, check out our Features or chat with our experts today!

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