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United World Telecom Application Programming Interface (UWT-API)

United World Telecom’s API has all the features you need to build the necessary operations to integrate our services with your business. Our API provides numerous operations that can be integrated with any operating environment to offer corporate customers with an easy interface to our network, enabling them to easily implement any of the standard operations listed below:

  • Create or Remove notifications of a specific event
  • Get the list of countries and cities where Local or Toll Free numbers are available
  • Use the Local or Toll Free number API to check countries that are currently available
  • Purchase new Local or Toll Free numbers
  • Use the call forwarding API to get your order status
  • Get the list of all call forwarding services ordered
  • Get the list of call detail records (CDRs) for a given PIN over a given range of time
  • See the status, description, and setting given to each account
  • Update and modify various parameters
  • Check available call forwarding line(s) balance(s)
  • Recharge or move funds on a PIN
  • Initiate a callback and check its status
  • Upload documents

The UWT-API also brings a wide range of customization possibilities. In addition to the standard operations listed above, the UWT-API can be customized upon request to meet customer’s specific needs.