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Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

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What is Direct Inward System Access (DISA)?

Direct Inward System Access (DISA) is a cloud telephony feature that lets external users – employees outside the office – make calls using your business phone number.

This solution lets offsite employees call your phone system, enter a PIN, and then “dial out” to customers. In other words, they can access your business phone line and make outbound calls showing your business phone as their outgoing caller ID – no matter where your employees are located.

How Does DISA Work?

The United World Telecom DISA feature works through our Outbound Calling service. In this case, the user dials a local access number and hears a voice message prompting them to enter a PIN code.

After entering the PIN, they gain access to your business phone line.

Now they can dial the customer’s phone number and place the call as if they were calling from their office phone.

How Can Your Business Use the DISA Feature?

With the Direct Inward System Access feature, you can enable authorized corporate users working outside the office to make calls using your business’ main phone line and number.

Your local, remote, and offshore teams send calls through your main phone system. This also includes mobile or landline users.

This feature, therefore, allows you to centralize call management for outbound calls, no matter where your teams and agents are located.

Benefits of Direct Inward System Access

So, how does your business benefit from a telephony feature like DISA? Let’s take a look:

  1. Connect from anywhere: Employees can access the business phone network remotely and contact clients from anywhere.
  2. Scale your phone system cost-effectively: Save money by eliminating the need to install new phone equipment for remote and distributed teams.
  3. Maintain your business’ professional image: Employees and users can display the business phone number as the caller ID instead of their personal numbers.
  4. Eliminate long-distance costs: Callers can use the phone system’s long-distance service instead of paying high mobile long-distance per-minute fees. This works really well if your business uses a cloud-based international phone number.

Where Can I Get Direct Inward System Access?

You can start using the calling feature from a cloud phone service provider like United World Telecom. We offer the DISA calling feature with all our Calling plans. Learn more about our plans on our pricing page.

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