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How To Set Up Your Business VTech Phone

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VTech provides phone systems with different components to help organize internal and external communications. An efficient VTech phone system combined with resourceful features of a business number from a reliable phone service provider can help improve the quality of your company’s customer interaction. Learn how to set up a VTech phone system and how to use United World Telecom’s service with it.

Setting Up Your Business VTech Phone

Before you purchase equipment, it is important to purchase a business phone number for your company. Your customer interaction depends on the type of phone number and line you choose to invest in. United World Telecom offers multiple virtual local and international numbers with international call forwarding. Virtual numbers route calls over the internet and with call forwarding, you can direct calls to whichever number you desire. With this service, you can access clients across the world with a reasonable payment plan and a good internet connection.

Once you have a business phone number and phone lines purchased, you can start setting up your VTech phone system. VTech systems come with a main console connected to analog phone lines and additional devices that are connected to the console wirelessly. VTech offers a variety of devices that you can choose from depending on your preference and company size. The main devices included are a main console, extension desk sets, and extension handsets. You can also get cordless headsets and cordless speakerphones.

Setting Up The Main Console

The Main Console is the main component of the business phone system. And other systems cannot work without it. The console can be expanded with up to 9 extension desk sets, extension handsets, cordless headsets, or cordless speakerphones. With these options, you can customize and create a phone system that best suits the needs of your office.

The devices communicate with the main console over wireless DECT technology. Therefore, you do not need to plug telephone lines into cordless devices, but only into the main console. You can also use the main console as a telephone with a single user using up to 4 telephone lines. You can purchase multiple telephone lines through United World Telecom.

To install the main console:

Step #1: Install the optional backup battery by inserting 4 AA batteries at the back of the console. This will be useful in case of a power failure.
Step #2: Next, install the mounting bracket for tabletop use by inserting fixed tabs on the mounting bracket into the desired slot. There are two locations for high or low visibility.
Step #3: Connect the handset cord by plugging one end of the cord into the handset jack on the side of the console.
Step #4: Then, connect telephone lines at the back of the console, open the line jack cover, and plug one end of the telephone line into the telephone line jack (L1, L2, L3, or L4). Plug the other into the telephone wall outlet.

Note: Repeat this for all the telephones lines you wish to connect. If you have two two-line wall outlets, plug one line in L1/2 and the other in L3/4. Do not connect a fifth or sixth line in the empty L2 or L4 jacks.

Step #5:
Next, connect the power by inserting the smaller end of the power adapter into the power jack at the back of the console. Plug the other end to a power outlet not controlled by a wall switch.
Step #6: Finally, test for a dial tone. Give the console a few minutes to start up and enter idle mode. When it is in idle mode, press each of the available line keys to test for a dial tone. If you hear a dial tone for each line, the installation was successful and you can now make and receive calls.

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Connecting the Cordless Extension Deskset

In order to use the cordless extension desk set as part of your VTech phone system, it must be registered to the main console.
First, install the rechargeable backup battery by plugging the battery connector securely into the socket inside the battery compartment.
Then, install the mounting bracket, connect the coiled handset, and connect the power.

To register the cordless extension desk set to the main console:

Step #1: Press Menu/Select on the main console.
Step #2: Select Registration.
Step #3: Then, select Register Extension.
Step #4: Then, press # on the extension desk set.
Step #5: The desk set screen will display Registering. Registration may take up to 60 seconds.
Step #6: Once registration is complete, both desk sets will show Desk set X Registered, where ‘X’ is the extension number of the device. This is unique across each system and cannot be changed.
Step #7: While the desk set is in idle mode, lift the corded handset. If you hear a dial tone, the registration was successful.
Step #8: Repeat the same steps to add another extension desk set to your business VTech phone system.

Installing the Cordless Handset

Cordless handsets are not stand-alone phones and must also be registered with the main console. Here’s how to install the cordless handset:

  • First, plug the smaller end of the power adapter to the handset charger and the larger end into a power outlet not controlled by a wall switch.
  • Then, install the battery by connecting the battery connector into the socket inside the handset battery compartment.
  • Next, place the handset in the charger to charge.

To register a cordless handset with the main console:

Follow the instructions for registering extension desk sets (mentioned above) as the registration process is the same. Once registered, test for dial tones. And repeat these steps to add additional handsets.

United World Telecom with VTech Phone Systems

Once you have all the devices ready to go, you can customize your phone service and lines with United World Telecom. Get additional benefits of call forwarding, call recording, unlimited extensions, call transfers, and more. You can make use of an interactive voice response (IVR) system to automatically direct calls to voicemail or other extensions. With all of this setup, all you will have to do is answer or make calls and focus on your business. These systems together make communication manageable and convenient. Sign up for a business phone number with United World Telecom today and get your phone system all sorted out.

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