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SIP Trunk Pricing Breakdown [Updated 2024]

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Choosing a SIP trunking provider for your business is a complicated decision, as you might not be aware of how the pricing is broken down or even what SIP trunking is. Here we will explain how SIP trunk pricing is broken down so that you can make an informed decision for your company. We will also explain how this service works and why businesses are using SIP trunks to streamline their office phone systems.

SIP Trunking: Definition, Costs, Benefits

Before we look at SIP trunk pricing, let’s review what is SIP trunking and how businesses can use this service. SIP trunks use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to convert voice signals to digital packets and transmit them from one user to another via an internet connection. One SIP trunk can hold multiple SIP channels and each channel equals one inbound or outbound call. Therefore, one trunk allows multiple users to make and receive calls through the same phone number simultaneously. Your business does not need multiple phone lines for different employees or departments.

SIP trunks can be easily integrated into existing PBX phone systems, which means that no additional hardware or installation is required. And they support both internal and external communication, giving your business a robust business communication system.

Why Should Businesses Consider SIP Trunks?

There are many reasons why businesses should think about investing in SIP trunking for their office communications. Here are the top benefits of using a SIP trunking service:

  1. Affordable SIP trunk pricing
  2. Global coverage via international call forwarding and toll free numbers
  3. Unified communications to streamline internal collaboration and external communication
  4. Mobility and scalability to expand and move your business as and when needed
  5. Reliable service with multiple levels of redundancy so that in case of emergencies or service failures, calls are routed to another location or device reducing service interruptions.

How Does SIP Trunk Pricing Work?

SIP trunking pricing is usually broken down into four factors. The service brings VoIP capabilities to your office’s private branch exchange (PBX) system, improving and enhancing your office system. This means that you can transmit voice, video, and other unified communications over an internet connection and through your office’s internal phone system. Because these systems work over the cloud and the internet, businesses can save on equipment costs and more. So, what is the general pricing structure of a SIP trunk?

Based on which provider you choose for your SIP trunking needs, these are the factors that affect the cost of your SIP trunk:

Monthly subscription

    • You may pay monthly or annually per channel or virtual number in service.
    • Additionally, you may pay per user.

Outbound calling rates: Metered versus Unmetered?

    • This is the cost per call or per minute for outgoing calls.
    • Is your plan metered or unmetered?
    • Metered plans: monthly fee + per-minute charges for outbound calls
    • Unmetered plans: monthly fee + fixed priced unlimited calling

Add-ons or premium services

    • Some providers charge for add-ons such as Call Recording, SMS plans, etc.

Setup fees

    • Cost of additional equipment or setup fees.

A diagram showing SIP trunking and associated costs.

Why are SIP Trunks Affordable?

SIP trunk pricing makes it one of the most affordable and cost-effective communication solutions out there. Since SIP calls transmit over the internet and not traditional phone lines, your business can make local, long-distance, and international calls at inexpensive rates. You can even enter new markets virtually without establishing a physical presence. This means expanding your business coverage in a cost-effective manner.

Additionally, you are made aware of your SIP trunking prices when you sign up — this means no surprises in your monthly bill. You will know exactly what you pay each month based on your service and the additional features you add on. And most providers don’t require you to jump into long-term contracts, making it easy to switch providers if the need arises. The cost is, therefore, predictable and within your control without the hassle of being stuck in long-term commitments.

How Much Does a SIP Trunk Cost?

The cost of a SIP trunk will vary depending on your requirements, but you can expect to pay around $25 to $50 per trunk. This is an example of how much a SIP trunk costs when you purchase it from United World Telecom.

*Please note that prices mentioned in this article are current prices and are subject to changes.

Monthly Subscription:

    • Customers will pay a monthly subscription for the phone number that will be used as their caller ID for outbound calls. US numbers start at $7.95.
    • They also buy a call credit each month. The Basic plan is $25.

International Calling Rates:

    • United World Telecom call rates are metered and there is a different calling rate for each country that gets deducted from the call credit.


    • Outbound Call Recording for $5 monthly fee + 3¢ per minute.

Setup Fees:

    • None.
    • No long-term contracts.

Total SIP Trunk Pricing for United World Telecom:

  • $7.95 monthly subscription + $25 call credit = $32.95 per month

SIP Trunking Rates by Country

Here, we have summed up some of our international calling rates to popular countries — check them out:

1) United States of America (USA)

Destination Per Minute
USA 2.3¢
USA Alaska
USA Hawaii 2.3¢
USA South Florida 2.3¢
USA Toll Free

2) Australia

Destination Per Minute
Australia 2.3¢
Australia Mobile 4.9¢
Australia Special 4.9¢

3) Bangladesh

Destination Per Minute
Bangladesh Dhaka
Bangladesh Mobile

4) Germany

Destination Per Minute
Germany 2.3¢
Germany Mobile 10¢
Germany Mobile Eplus 10¢
Germany Mobile O2 10¢
Germany TMobile 10¢
Germany Vodaphone 10¢
Germany Special 20¢

5) Hong Kong

Destination Per Minute
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Mobile 3.2¢

6) India

Destination Per Minute
India 2.3¢
India Mobile 2.3¢
India Mumbai/Bombay 2.3¢
India New Delhi 2.3¢

7) South Korea

Destination Per Minute
Korea South 2.3¢
Korea South Mobile 4.5¢

8) Mexico

Destination Per Minute
Mexico 2.3¢
Mexico City Mobile 2.3¢
Mexico Mobile Other 3.5¢

9) Saudi Arabia

Destination Per Minute
Saudi Arabia 12¢
Saudi Arabia Dhahran 12¢
Saudi Arabia Jeddah 12¢
Saudi Arabia Mobile 14¢
Saudi Arabia Riyadh 12¢

10) Singapore

Destination Per Minute
Singapore 2.3¢
Singapore Mobile

11) United Arab of Emirates (UAE)

Destination Per Minute
UAE 19¢
UAE Mobile 19¢

12) United Kingdom (UK)

Destination Per Minute
UK 2.3¢
UK Mobile O2
UK Mobile Other
UK Special 12¢
UK Special NGN 26¢

How to Reduce SIP Trunking Costs

United World Telecom can help you reduce costs spent on setting up your ideal phone system while ensuring you have all the tools and features necessary to improve inbound and outbound communication. Want to learn more about SIP trunking and VoIP? Call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 and talk to our experts today. Let us help you build stronger business connections.

Comparing Outbound Calling Service Providers in 2020

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Making a decision for a new outbound calling service provider is tough as it will determine how your business conducts its outbound sales calls. In this article, we will be reviewing Outbound Calling services provided by these companies: Five9, RingCentral, Nice inContact, 8×8, and United World Telecom. This information will allow you to make more informed choices when examining the services available from these different providers.

Outbound Calling Service Providers

Before we dig into the comparison between different outbound calling providers, let’s go through a brief overview of what outbound calling is and why your business should consider investing in this service, if you already don’t have one.

Outbound calling is a service meant to support a business’s outbound calling strategy. And so businesses use outbound calling services for the following reasons:

  • Make sales calls
  • Generate leads
  • Set appointments and sales meetings
  • For welcome, follow up, and reminder calls
  • For customer success and care, and more

Now, let’s look at five outbound calling service providers that you should consider:

*Please note that prices mentioned in this article are current prices and are subject to changes and tax inclusions.

1) Five9

Since 2001, Five9 has been offering inbound and outbound call center solutions to businesses. These solutions are geared towards bettering interactions between businesses and their customers. With these tools, businesses don’t need to rely on call centers to handle their incoming or outgoing call volumes.

What they offer:

  • Outbound calling tools
  • Multichannel communication
  • Call center software
  • Call routing options
  • Automatic call distributing (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Reporting and analysis

Pricing: Monthly or annual. No long-term contracts. However, to get an exact quote for your company, you will need to get in touch with their customer service.

2) RingCentral

RingCentral aims to provide global communication tools so that businesses can stay in touch with their clients no matter where they are located. Businesses in every industry and of every size can take advantage of the features provided.

What they offer:

  • Auto-receptionist
  • Call monitoring
  • Music on hold
  • Virtual numbers
  • Integrations
  • Private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM), and more

RingCentral offers four virtual phone system plans for businesses to choose from.

Essential Standard Premium Ultimate
Monthly $29.99
per user/per month
per user/per month
per user/per month
per user/per month
Annually $19.99
per user/per month
per user/per month
per user/per month
per user/per month

 3) 8×8

8×8 is a company that provides businesses with advanced phone features to increase collaboration and productivity.

What they offer:

  • Integrations
  • CRMs
  • Call center software
  • Outbound calling service
  • Video conferencing, and more

Pricing: To get an exact quote for your business, contact 8×8’s customer service.

4) United World Telecom

Since 1995, United World Telecom has provided virtual telephony solutions to small businesses and large corporations across the globe. We offer business phone numbers for more than 160 countries across the globe as well as premium communication features to improve caller experience and customer satisfaction.

What they offer:

  • Virtual numbers: toll free, local, national, SMS-enabled, vanity
  • Call recording
  • Outbound calling (customizable caller ID)
  • Call forwarding and routing options
  • Call tracking
  • Reports & analytics
  • Outbound dialer, and more


United World Telecom offers a straightforward pricing model with no contracts or set-up or installation fees. Our plans are charged monthly or annually based and are not per-user based.

United World Telecom
Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
Price $12.95/month $23.95/month $78.95/month $158.95/month $248.95/month
Monthly Minutes 200 551 2100 5,09 10,505

Choose the Right Provider

Picking a provider is a difficult decision and one that needs to be made with care. Therefore, research and pay close attention to details such as long-term contracts, set-up and cancellation fees, per-user fees, and so on. An outbound calling service can make or break your sales game. Invest in one now. For more information, talk to one of our experts today.

MiFID II Definition, Regulations, and Requirements

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Want to know if the MiFID II regulation affects your business? MiFID II is legislation impacting the financial services industry with an attempt to increase transparency and reduce harmful financial practices. Let’s look at the communication regulations under MiFID II.

What is MiFID II?

The Market in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) is a European Union legislation that came into force in 2018. This legislation builds on MiFID I and focuses on preventing breaches and abusive trading or financial services. It regulates firms offering financial services to customers like interdealer brokers, investment managers, venture capitalists, stockbrokers, Independent Financial Advisors (IFA), etc. And similar to the Dodd-Frank Act, a major part of this legislation is the requirement for financial institutions to conduct mobile and voice recording.

How Does MiFID II Affect Financial Services Companies in the EU

MiFID II dictates that certain telephone conversations and electronic communications must be recorded by firms. According to the MiFID II policy statement from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), firms must record correspondences that “result in transactions concluded when dealing on own account and the provision of client order services that relate to the reception, transmission, and execution of client orders.” In addition to this, certain correspondences relating to firms offering corporate finance services may fall within recording requirements. Other types of communication that might fall under the MiFID II requirements include those between:

  • A bank and selling shareholder or bank and buyers relating to the purchase of a block of securities by the bank and the resale of securities.
  • A bank and its corporate client and bank and sellers related to the purchase of securities in “buy-back” transactions.
  • A bank and buyers regarding re-selling shares purchased by an underwriting bank.
  • A bank and its clients and the bank and a third-party seller or broker regarding the purchase of securities as part of stakebuilding.

MiFID II Call Recording Regulations

If you are a financial services company, it is highly recommended to comply with the regulations and requirements of MiFID II. However, traditional recording technology, as well as recording and storing all calls, can be expensive.

Fortunately, cloud-based solutions make call recording and storing processes easier. For many companies, MiFID II provides a good reason to switch to a cloud-based communication platform. One of the benefits of a virtual communication system is the ability to record calls and access them for future use. Additionally, having the ability to record communication over different channels and devices is exceptionally convenient.

With a virtual telecom services provider like United World Telecom, you can choose to record 100% of your calls. These calls are stored as MP3 files for later use. Additionally, you can get the feature with your virtual business number and so, you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment to record calls.

Other Call Recording Requirements

Call recording is often used to reduce business and personal liability and to record important transactions and maintain compliance. Besides recording your calls to comply with MiFID II, you can also use recordings to improve business-customer interactions. For example, you can review recorded calls for quality assurance by referring to them during training and performance analysis. Teach and train your employees to meet your company’s standards. Reward good customer service practices and highlight interactions that need improvements. Some advantages of call recording:

  • Improve staff performance
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Monitor marketing campaigns and ROI
  • Find and recover missed opportunities
  • Gather sales training material and more.

Record Calls with United World Telecom

United World Telecom’s Call Recording feature will provide you a safe space to record and store both incoming and outgoing calls. Record calls and store MP3 files that are easily accessible. Sign up for a business number or transfer your existing number to us and get this feature today.

Purchase Mauritius Toll Free Numbers, Available Now!

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Want to take your business to the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean? With Mauritius toll free numbers, you can now connect with significant businesses, contacts, and customers here and grow your business.

Mauritius Toll Free Numbers

In order to expand and grow a business, it is important to take steps towards gaining new and loyal clients and driving up sales. To do this, you need to have a good business plan and effective marketing strategies. But you also must consider ways of improving your existing customer base. And you need to provide reliable methods for customers to contact you. Think: which new markets and demographics can you target? And how can you provide easy communication channels that won’t increase expenses on your end or your callers’? Toll free numbers can help with that.

Can a Toll Free Number Help Your Business?

Mauritius toll free numbers open a new way to interact with contacts and consumers in Mauritius at inexpensive rates. Customers are not charged for calling a business with a toll free number, which incentivizes them to call. And furthermore, you can take advantage of other features that come with virtual phone numbers. These features help establish your business as a professional one that cares for its customers. For example, some of the features that United World Telecom offers include the following:

  • Call Transfer: Transfer calls with a pre-programmed digit sequence arranged by the account owner.
  • Customized Greeting: Create greetings for incoming callers to let them know about your business.
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Extensions: Design an automated greeting system that receives incoming calls. It can also direct callers to the right department through a menu.
  • Dedicated Account Managers: To ensure the service runs smoothly without any complications.
  • Fax to Email: Receive and forward faxes to your email.
  • Simultaneous Calling: This enables incoming calls to simultaneously ring on multiple phones, making sure no call goes missed.

Mauritius Business Scene

Mauritius is a country and island nation located in the Indian Ocean about 1,200 miles from the southeast coast of the African continent. Islands of Rodrigues, Mauritius, Agaléga and St. Brandon come under this country. Mauritius’ population is ethnically, religiously, and culturally diverse. And being a welfare state, it offers free universal healthcare and free education.

More importantly, this island boasts an innovation- and knowledge-driven economy. The most popular and successful industries in the country are information technology, telecommunications, healthcare, tourism, renewable energy, and hospitality. In fact, it has a strong reputation as an International Finance Centre with the presence of international corporate services, law firms, banks, and global investment. All of this makes this island an ideal location for foreign investment and business.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for Mauritius?

Purchasing a toll free number with United World Telecom is easy. Follow these steps to get Mauritius toll free numbers:

Step #1: Select “Toll Free Numbers” on the order menu on the United World Telecom homepage.

Step #2: Under “Select Your New Phone Number,” select “Mauritius (+230).” Then, select “Toll Free (mobile accessible)” for your Mauritius toll free number.

Step #3: Pick a number from the options available. Or, transfer your existing number.

Step #4: Enter a destination phone number to direct the calls under the “Forward Incoming Calls To” on the right.

Step #5: Review and select a plan ideal for your business purposes.

Step #6: Choose from a variety of add-ons available for your specific number. You can choose “Outbound Calling” to make international calls with caller ID override or “Call Recording” to record 100% of incoming and outgoing calls.

Step #7: Choose the type of account you want: Business or Personal. Enter the necessary contact and payment information. Then, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and complete your purchase.

Get Mauritius Toll Free Numbers With United World Telecom

Purchase Mauritius toll free numbers from United World Telecom with no set-up fees or contracts. Businesses can even make use of our free trial to test and see how our service can benefit internal and external communications. Improve visibility and reliability by becoming more accessible to your clients and investing in customer care. Sign up or talk to an expert today!

Lebanon Toll Free Numbers Now Available at United World Telecom

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Looking to do business in Lebanon? United World Telecom announces Lebanon toll free numbers to help companies connect with contacts and clients in Lebanon at inexpensive calling rates. See how getting a Lebanon toll free number can benefit your business.

Lebanon Toll Free Numbers

For any enterprise to enter new markets, they must first develop a connection with the country. And one way to do so is through a mode of communication: phone numbers. With Lebanon toll free numbers, companies from across the world can open a channel of communication and make contacts in this new market. Lebanon toll free numbers are an inexpensive way to add Lebanon prospects to your list of clients.

Benefits and Features of Toll Free Numbers

Major corporations and businesses have toll free numbers. This is because toll free numbers charge the receiver instead of the caller, making them free for customers to call. With Lebanon toll free numbers, you provide customers an inexpensive and hassle-free way to reach you. Additionally, it makes it easy for your Lebanon contacts to stay in touch and communicate with you on a regular basis. Toll free numbers usually have a distinct two- or three-digit code at the beginning. Besides being free, callers have the option to call from any telephone device: smartphones, landlines, payphones.

United World Telecom offers virtual toll free numbers that route calls over the internet. This way, all your calls and communications are cloud-based. And these numbers can be connected to whatever line you want. Virtual numbers also come with a set of features that can improve the way customers interact with your business:

Business in Lebanon

Lebanon is a country in Western Asia and is surrounded by Israel, Syria, and Cyprus. Often referred to as the “Paris of the Middle East,” Lebanon has been attracting businesses and tourists for quite some time. It is situated in a strategic location at the center of the Middle East and the crossroads of the major continents Africa, Asia, and Europe. Because of this location and access to neighboring countries and economies, Lebanon has many diverse investment opportunities.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for Lebanon?

Step 1: Go to the United World Telecom homepage
On the homepage, using the drop-down menu, select “Toll Free Numbers.”

Step 2: Select your new phone number
Under “Select Your New Phone Number,” select the country “Lebanon (+961).” Then, from the options available, select “Toll Free” for your Lebanon toll free number type.

Step 3: Choose your number or port your existing number
Then, choose a number from the options available. You can also choose to port or transfer your existing number.

Step 4: Provide a destination phone number
Next, provide a destination phone number under the “Forward Incoming Calls To” on the right-hand side. This can be your home or office phone.

Step 5: Select your plan
Review the plans to see which is best suited for your business needs. Select whether you want a free business trial or you can go ahead and pay for a subscription plan.

Step 6: Select optional features
Below the payment plans, choose from a variety of add-ons available for your number, such as Call Recording, Outbound Calling, etc.

Step 7: Enter contact, account, and payment information
Choose account type: Business or Personal. Then, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and complete your purchase.

Get Lebanon Toll Free Numbers With United World Telecom

Corporations, call centers, and customer service companies seek toll free numbers because of their affordability and reach. If you want to boost your incoming call volume as well as tap into the Lebanon economy, consider getting a Lebanon toll free number. Call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 or sign up on our homepage and activate your new number today!

United World Telecom Releases Morocco Toll Free Numbers

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United World Telecom now offers Morocco toll free numbers to businesses with customers in this North African country. This is a good opportunity for corporations that want to enter the Moroccan market and make new contacts without incurring international calling charges.

Morocco Toll Free Numbers

In this day and age, if you are not making the most of globalization and technology to grow your business, you will be left behind. Every company should attempt global expansion. And one way to expand without relocating or worrying about extra costs is by developing strong communication channels with new markets. With Morocco toll free numbers, companies can add Moroccan clients and prospects to their customer base.

Why Get a Toll Free Number For Your Business

Morocco toll free numbers will provide your Moroccan contacts an inexpensive way to get in touch with you. Toll free numbers are virtual numbers that charge the receiver instead of the caller. Giving your clients a free way to contact you shows initiative and concern for customer care. These clients are more likely to reach out to do business with you. Toll free numbers can build trust and reliability because they make you accessible, even if you are not in that specific area. And so, you can participate in Moroccan trade without having to move to the country physically.

Business in Morocco

Morocco is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa and is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco. To its north and west are the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively. Morocco shares its east border with Algeria and south border with the Western Sahara. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and the largest city is Casablanca. The population is a blend of different cultures and influences such as Arab, Sephardi Jews, Spanish, West African, and Berber.

Recently, Morocco has put in significant resources for large investments in sectors that are prime for growth and increased productivity. These sectors include electronics, aerospace, the automotive industry, renewable energy, and more, and have successfully attracted foreign investment. Mining, manufacturing, and construction are also popular sectors in this country.

How to Get a Toll Free Number for Morocco?

Getting and setting up a toll free number with United World Telecom is easy. Follow these steps to get Morocco toll free numbers:

Step 1: Select “Toll Free Numbers” on the United World Telecom homepage.

Step 2: Under “Select Your New Phone Number,” select the country “Morocco (+212).” Then, from “Please select a number type,” select “Toll Free (mobile accessible)” for your Morocco toll free number.

Step 3: Next, pick a number from the options available. Or, port or transfer your existing number.

Step 4: Enter a destination phone number, where you want to direct the calls, under the “Forward Incoming Calls To” on the right.

Step 5: Review the plans to see which is ideal for your business.

Step 6: Choose from a variety of add-ons available for your number below the payment plans. Consider adding “Outbound Calling” with the caller ID of numbers you purchased or “Call Recording” to record 100% of incoming and outgoing calls.

Step 7: Choose the type of account you want: Business or Personal. Enter contact and payment information. Then, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and complete your purchase.

Get Morocco Toll Free Numbers With United World Telecom

Toll free numbers provide a convenient way for prospective clients and customers to reach a company. And the easier you make it for them, the more they will appreciate doing business with you. If you plan to move your business to Morocco, getting a toll free number will prove useful in maintaining contacts. Sign up with United World Telecom today or call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 to learn more about how we can help you expand your business.

Dodd-Frank Act: Information for Call Recording Compliance

Source: - Lic#67426687 ID#27446420

The financial services industry has heard the name Dodd-Frank bounced around a lot. However, not many understand what the Dodd-Frank Act actually is and how it particularly impacts business communications. If you run a finance company, this information is essential to the legal and appropriate functioning of your business.

Dodd-Frank Act: What is it?

In 2010, the then President, Obama signed a comprehensive set of financial restrictions and regulations into federal law. Called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, this Act evolved as a direct response to the Financial Crisis of 2007 when many big names collapsed due to significant financial landslides. The Act, therefore, works towards encouraging financial stability and avoiding another financial crisis. And it does so through a series of measures:

  • Increasing transparency
  • Ending the “too big to fail” attitude
  • Protecting consumers from problematic financial advice
  • Protecting taxpayers by ending bailouts.

Interestingly, the Act’s rules and implications work quite similarly to the MiFID II Act announced by the European Union in 2018. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) was initiated in 2004. MiFID II, the latest version, aims to strengthen investor protection and make financial markets more transparent and efficient. And the Dodd-Frank Act works towards the same goal.

Call Recording Compliance Under the Dodd-Frank Act

For this extensive list, regulations relating to voice recording are the most important and most difficult rules to adhere to. The motive behind the Act’s voice recording regulations is to encourage record-keeping and increase accountability and transparency. And these regulations apply to almost every organization within the financial services industry. Key call recording requirements state that:

  • Communications regarding trade information must be recorded across all channels: telephone, voicemail, text messages, email, etc.
  • Records must be organized efficiently for easy searching.
  • Files must be stored for the duration of the transaction and for up to five years after.
  • Records must be time stamped.

Swaps and Call Recording

Additionally, this Act legislates and regulates the monitoring of the swaps marketplace. Now, what are swaps? A swap is a derivative contract or future, involving the exchange of liabilities or cash flows between two financial institutions. Such contracts usually occur over the phone and have so far been unregulated. In 2012, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) required future brokers to record phone conversations. And so, the Dodd-Frank Act aims to bring transparency to these financial transactions. Firms receiving more than $5 million through swap or futures must store the information for five years, even after the termination of the swap. Furthermore, these records must be accessible and tagged for easy search.

Call Recording Compliance

Whether your business falls under financial services or not, it is a good idea to comply with the regulations of this Act. However, it is difficult to determine which calls are going to lead to a transaction. So, how do you decide which calls to record or not? One solution is to record all calls. But the cost of recording calls and storing them can be expensive. This is because traditional call recording technology works with hardware. And that can generate higher costs as well as limited access to data. Additionally, you will need storage space upgrades.

Fortunately, cloud-based solutions exist to make call recording and storing processes easier. By choosing a virtual provider, like United World Telecom, you can set 100% of your calls to be recorded. And then access them with ease without needing to store them “physically.” You can get call recording with your virtual business number, which eliminates the need for equipment costs, etc.

Closing: Get Call Recording with United World Telecom

You can take advantage of our Call Recording feature to record and store incoming and outgoing calls. Stored as MP3 files, you may access these recordings easily, as they are accessible through our control panel. Sign up for a business number today or call us to find out more.

Environmental Issues, Their Impact on Business, and How to Mitigate to Turn Crisis into Opportunity

Source: - O#100043608845 ID#100186088462

Our planet is plagued by environmental issues that are depleting our natural resources and putting an enormous strain on our livelihoods. If left unchecked, many of these issues will impact businesses directly and indirectly. In many instances, they are already doing so. Some of the primary environmental issues that are affecting businesses today include pollution, waste disposal, water quality, and water supply issues, and climate change.

Business Impact

Pollution is one of the world’s biggest environmental issues. The business impact due to pollution stretches far and wide, with just one example pointing to how pollution affects the health of people which then impacts medical costs and loss of productivity. Heavily polluted areas, for example, have a difficult time hiring and retaining workers. Waste disposal is another issue, with improper disposal resulting in foul smells, leaching into water supplies, and air pollution.

Climate Change Will Affect Everyone

Climate change is a global issue with serious implications including environmental, social, economic, and political. Factors like coastal flooding can have a major impact on businesses, leading to operational disruption and losses for organizations. Climate change can also create a higher demand for energy as the temperatures get warmer and there is a higher demand for air conditioning use. This means higher costs overall to businesses. Higher demand for energy also translates into increased use of natural resources like water and fossil fuels, which can then turn into a lack of resources for companies to turn into products. Many businesses have already started to implement automated response systems to combat these negative effects.

Climate change also has negative impacts on the agricultural sector, which directly impacts the population in regards to food availability and safety. The impact of environmental issues on water supplies can result in harm to agriculture, a decrease in productivity, and higher costs.

Mitigating Risk

Environmental issues that we face today make it clear that solving as many of these complex issues as we can best serve all sectors. It will also require the cooperation of all sectors. Environmental issues affect every individual, community, organization, and country. We must all become environmental stewards to keep the economy moving, surviving, and thriving.

Environmental Crisis

The environmental factors that are affecting business and will continue to affect production and the economy. Such issues as major storms, loss of resources, inflation, and scarcity of food and water – are creating serious detriments. However, solving these complex issues requires the cooperation of individual sectors. It is apparent that the environmental crisis we are facing calls on all business leaders to consider the environmental impact that their companies have and also calls on business leaders to take action to ensure that they meet all compliance needs and regulations.

environmental impact
Source: – O# 100274938752 ID#100186088462


Though the situation is difficult, environmental issues also present an opportunity for businesses to step up and show their employees and markets where they stand and what they are willing to do to mitigate the risks. Employees, for example, perform better when they are healthy. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates work environments and most businesses do not have an issue with meeting OSHA standards. Businesses, however, should remain aware of current events and how they may affect their employees. An example is if the employees of a company are working outside and there are extremely high temperatures. Companies will sometimes provide a toll-free phone number to support employees that want to request time off. The break times required by OSHA may not be sufficient enough for the health, safety, and well-being of employees.

Environmental Action is Marketable

The cultural demands of consumers are another area that presents an opportunity concerning businesses and environmental issues. Consumers are increasingly opting to align themselves with companies that have a strong positive environmental mission. Business leaders taking action to mitigate risks involved with environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices will benefit the company. Marketing campaigns are being used as a platform to inform the public of the efforts companies are making to address environmental issues. They are also being used to inform the public of efforts that are planned for the future.

Environmental Action is Good for All, Especially Businesses

Once upon a time, the sole objective of business owners was to build a company that would generate revenues and continuously increases profits. As environmental issues, their impact on business and the world, and the risks to the future of all life have become more prevalent across the globe. The effects can be measured with environmental performance software and the need for immediate action is now. It is the responsibility of business owners to take a full inventory of their choices and examine how those choices affect the environment. It is time to make modifications where necessary. Some effects are more subtle than others, but all modifications contribute to the greater good of our planet.

How Can United World Telecom Help?

There are a few different ways that you can business can go green and become more socially responsible. Start by:

  • Educating employees and encouraging them to adopt ‘green habits’
  • Choosing cloud communications services
  • Upgrading to energy-efficient products
  • Offering remote and telecommuting
  • Investing in ‘green IT’ solutions.

We can help get you set up with a virtual communication system that connects users from any location and device, with minimal setup and downtime. Want to get started? Speak with on of our representatives today!

Virtual Phone Numbers for Environmental Groups and Organizations

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Any type of organization can benefit from the use of virtual phone numbers. Cost savings are important to all types of organizations, no matter the size or sector. However, a smaller organization may initially be drawn to the significant cost-savings benefit at first glance.

Virtual Phone Numbers Are an Environmental-Friendly Approach

The fact that there is no need for any bulky hardware may also be an immediate draw for environmental groups and organizations that promote cutting back on the use of plastics, metals, and other materials used in creating hardware systems. These are just two of many benefits when it comes to the use of virtual phone numbers for environmental groups and organizations.

Virtual Numbers Are the Perfect Option for Groups & Organizations

Virtual phone numbers are like any other phone number, except they are not tied down to any specific phone and location. When someone calls a virtual phone number, the owner of the virtual phone number may have the calls going to a landline or a cell phone of their choosing. Many different features can be activated to work with virtual phone numbers for environmental groups and organizations. Calls may be answered with a pre-recorded greeting. Calls can be forwarded to an extension within the organization. Time of day routing can also be used so calls are forwarded to different call centers depending on the time of day when they are received. This ensures that calls are not missed and the organization can essentially be operational 24 hours a day.

Virtual Numbers Are a Flexible Option for All Businesses

Virtual phone numbers can grow along with the organization. While the organization may not need extensions at first, extensions can be added later as more staff gets hired. This helps manage call volume when call routing to different staff members becomes necessary for efficiency and better service.

Environmental Groups using Virtual Phone Numbers
Source: O#100121057898 – ID#100067081677

Choose Local to Connect with Communities

Choosing a local phone number may help to create trust and credibility for a smaller, locally run organization while a toll free or vanity phone number may help an organization more quickly establish a national or international image. These capabilities help to strengthen a brand. Using virtual phone numbers allows the organization to be based in one state, yet have local phone numbers for many areas within the United States or even abroad. The ability to do this allows for the organization to reach these markets without incurring high financial costs in travel, relocation, training and more that is required to open different physical locations. That alone is a huge benefit to any organization that aims to expand without necessarily having the budget for expensive expansion.

Virtual Numbers Reduce Costs

The organization is also able to accept incoming calls without having the caller incur long-distance fees if the phone number is local or toll free. Calls can be routed and rerouted to a number of call centers in different locations and this helps to minimize the risk of missing any important calls. Another benefit is that using virtual phone numbers requires minimum set-up and training to get started. Using virtual phone numbers can be a significant step in scaling efforts and growth operation.

Numbers Can be Accentuated with Additional Features

Added features, such as call recording can prove to be extremely helpful in recording interactions with callers to use for training purposes or for accountability and tracking purposes. Accountability is becoming a more common standard used by organizations of all sizes to ensure best practices are being put to work and only improved upon as time goes on.

Another feature that can be added is extensions that can automatically forward calls to a department or specific staff member within an organization. SMS forwarding, sequential forwarding, simultaneous ringing, fax to email, local ring-back tones, voicemail to email, and failover forwarding are additional features that can boost the effectiveness of virtual phone numbers.

United World Telecom Has All of Your Virtual Number Needs Covered

United World Telecom also offers rollover minutes, so if all minutes are not used in a month, they are not lost and will automatically rollover to the next month.

Despite the advances in modern communication methods, the ability to be able to speak to a live person is still highly regarded. If someone is setting up an organization and wishes to be available to whoever they are working within the community or worldwide, using virtual phone numbers for environmental groups and organizations is a low-cost alternative to setting up brick and mortar locations while allowing the organization to easily access different markets. Setup with United World Telecom is quick and easy, enabling organizations to get started quickly and take advantage of all of the benefits immediately.