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4 Benefits of Using a Web Phone

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Web phones are becoming an increasingly popular outbound calling tool to support sales and customer success teams. If your company strives on improving customer relations by being proactive and engaging with customers, then a web dialer may be a good fit for you. Here we will go over web phone benefits and why your business should consider using a web phone for business communication.

Web Phone: Definition and Benefits

A web phone or web dialer is an application that enables users to make and answer calls from a web browser via the internet. Such dialers are mostly compatible with Windows PC, macOS, Linux, and Android devices. Similar to a softphone, a web dialer presents users with a dial pad and allows users to:

  • Store contact information and history
  • Access voicemail
  • Record calls or customize the outgoing caller ID, and more

You can place calls locally and internationally through high-speed internet and an easy-to-use interface. All you need is a good internet connection, a headset, and a few virtual phone numbers.

So, what are the top benefits of using a web phone?

1. Generate New Sales

A web phone can speed up your sales team’s outbound calling efforts by making it easy to place calls from anywhere. You can use this dialer within your office’s sales team or with remote agents. Save customers’ contact information, past interactions, and other important call notes. This way, the next time you or another agent needs to contact the customer, all relevant information is readily available and the customer can be dialed quickly.

2. Save on International Calling Costs

Virtual phone service providers like United World Telecom offer web dialers along with their outbound calling service. An outbound calling service enables inexpensive local and international calling. Plus, you can even customize the outgoing caller ID to display that area’s toll free or local number. Together, the combination of these tools makes it cheaper and easier to connect with international customers and drive up global sales.

3. Implement Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention is important for any business as customers are what drives a company to success. And so, you must do everything you can to satisfy your current customers such as:

  • Welcoming new customers
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Reminding them of upcoming payments, appointments, etc
  • Following up on recent purchases or inquiries
  • Reaching out to customers who abandoned their carts
  • Collecting feedback to improve your services and products

A web phone can help you quickly reach out to customers within your list. You can add notes about the interaction, feedback, and more.

4. Offer Excellent Customer Success and Support

Lastly, a web dialer can help you carry out excellent customer success and support services. Customer success includes taking a proactive approach to creating strong customer relations and assisting them in achieving their goals. Support, on the other hand, is a reactive approach where you provide assistance after customers reach out to you. Customer success and support both positively impact customer satisfaction and retention rates. And therefore, both need to be given equal importance, if applicable to your business.

Where Can You Get a Web Phone?

United World Telecom provides virtual business phone numbers for more than 160 countries across the world. This includes toll free, international, and local numbers. You can set up your web dialer by adding our outbound calling service to your virtual number plan and use any of your purchased numbers as outgoing caller IDs when placing calls. To learn more, contact us today!

What is a Web Phone?

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In this article, you will learn the definition of a web phone, how it works, and the benefits of using one for your business.

What is a Web Phone?

A web phone, also known as a web dialer, is a web application that enables two-way international phone calls from a web browser. It is powered by WebRTC and only requires high-speed internet access, a computer, and a headset or speakerphone to start placing calls.

Enabling all the core functionality of a business phone service, web phones are among the most effective tools for sales and support teams to communicate with contacts internationally.

How Does a Web Phone Work?

Web phones use technology that is built into web browsers to support voice communications. WebRTC is the standard technology for web phones because it is a stable and secure open-source framework with high sound quality.

A web phone works very similarly to a softphone, with a very easy-to-use interface and clickable buttons to dial any phone number worldwide. It is compatible with Windows PC, macOS, Linux, and also Android devices. Users can simply connect a headset to their device to get started.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an open-source HTML framework that enables IP voice communications from a web interface or browser. It is a stable open-source technology that works in nearly all modern browsers. Its widespread availability makes this the underlying technology for most web dialers. 

Web Phone Applications

Approximately 36% of US businesses have already started using IP for voice communications. This percentage is much higher across the world as it is a more affordable alternative to plain old telephone service in most countries.

These are some real-life applications that can benefit your business:

  • Pre-sales teams make international outbound calls with a localized dynamic caller ID.
  • Remote support agents use their computers to call customers from a local or toll free phone number that can also receive calls back.
  • Contact center agents answer incoming calls on their computers.

How to Use a Web Dialer

There is no technical expertise necessary to use a web dialer phone. In fact, users only need to have a basic understanding of how to use a computer and the internet. It doesn’t require any extra setup. You would just sign up for the service and then log in from your web browser and start making phone calls. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Log in to the web dialer site 
  2. Connect your headset or microphone
  3. Dial the number for the call you want to place


Functionality of a Web Phone

A web phone dialer has all the core functionality of a traditional business phone service.

Outbound Calls

You can use this technology to make international outbound calls from a web browser. There is tremendous flexibility to this as users have the option to choose which caller ID they would like to display. Recipients are more likely to answer calls from a local number they recognize.

Inbound Calls

The service enables two-way voice communication, which means you can answer incoming calls on your web phone. It is loaded with call center features that automate customer interactions and make call routing simpler.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls easily to the right person or department. Everyone in your office becomes available to receive transferred phone calls with the versatile feature.

Free In-Network Calls

The ability to make free in-network calls to other users in the account makes this a highly valuable major tool for organizations with a distributed workforce. It helps remote teams stay connected to your team while working from home.


Like a traditional business phone service, web phones enable users to receive voicemails. You can actually listen to your voicemails directly from the web dialer.

Call History

View and search all your recent calls. It’s easy to sort through inbound and outbound calls, rejected calls, and missed phone calls. This will help your sales team follow up with any important leads.

Contacts and API Integrations

You can enter relevant contact information that corresponds to individual phone numbers and will be automatically displayed. Users can also search and filter through interactions with individual contacts.

It can also be used together with other business tools. UWT provides an API that enables users to sync call detail records from a web phone with other software and tools they might be using.

Benefits of Web Phones for Businesses

Managers have reported significant improvements with their teams that use web phones. There are many benefits for teams of all sizes. Below is a list of the top web phone benefits.

Increase Sales

A web phone can increase sales by more than 75%, as it enables salespeople to call leads and convert those leads into paying customers.

Prospective customers are more likely to pick up a phone call from a number they recognize. We enable you to make international phone calls while showing a local caller ID. Your sales calls will have a higher conversion rate and your sales will increase.

Reduce Costs

Web phones provide a simple interface to use IP for voice communications. Voice over IP is the most affordable way to make business phone calls. In fact, organizations frequently report higher than 50% decreases in telecom expenditures upon switching to VoIP. 

Improve Customer Service

Having a phone system in place for customer service will undoubtedly improve customer experience. Agents can call customers from their computers and not worry about the quality of the phone calls. They can also use a local or toll free number from any country to show as caller ID and to receive calls back.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to employees being permitted to use their personally-owned devices, rather than company-provided devices. Research from Vodacom shows that about 95% of employees use at least one personal device at work, and that number is predicted to be even higher in the coming years.

Web phones are accessible from any browser, which means that employees can connect to the service from their own devices. This should emerge as one of the most effective tools in the remote work economy.