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Guide to Local Phone Numbers

guide local phone numbers

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As a business, you want to remain reachable and accessible at all times. Customers need to know you are close by and can be contacted easily. And one way to achieve such a local presence in various areas is through virtual local phone numbers.

What are Local Phone Numbers?

Local numbers are virtual phone numbers attached or assigned to specific areas or regions. They have area codes to indicate which city, state, or region is being called. For example, the United States has area codes for almost every state and city across the country. Some states or cities may even have multiple area codes.

Calls made to local numbers are charged local calling rates as opposed to long-distance rates. For this reason, local phone numbers make for a good regional contact number. With multiple local numbers, you can establish a virtual presence in different areas and offer customer service to customers residing in these areas. Interested individuals can contact you without worrying about high calling charges. And the best part, you do not need to move or relocate to use these numbers.

Benefits of Getting Local Business Numbers

Local business numbers from a virtual phone service provider like United World Telecom come with various advantages and perks such as enabling you to:

  • Create a local presence in multiple countries, states, and cities across the world.
  • Choose local numbers from more than 160 countries world over.
  • Encourage interested prospects to contact your business from wherever they are located.
  • Forward incoming calls to any number or line you want.
  • Display a custom local caller ID when contacting clients in different regions or states.
  • Add DID numbers for each department, team, employee, branch, etc.
  • Expand globally without needing to relocate or open physical offices.

Additionally, you can make use of virtual communication features and tools that increase productivity and efficiency such as:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Interactive voice response system
  • Extensions or DID numbers for different departments
  • Outbound calling with customizable caller ID
  • SMS forwarding, and more

Local vs Toll Free Numbers

When choosing a business number, most choose a local or toll free number. How do you decide which is better for your business? You can get bulk numbers for different parts of the country. If you are trying to create a stable and reliable local presence or seem closer to your customers, then local numbers are the way to go. Toll free numbers provide a free calling option but they do make your company seem more distant compared to local numbers.

How to Get a Local Number?

Before you purchase local phone numbers, you first need to decide which areas or regions you want to target or expand services. Once you decide that, find a provider that offers you the coverage and numbers you need.

You can buy a local number from United World Telecom by simply signing up on our homepage. We offer virtual phone numbers for over 160 countries across the globe. Choose the country and area code you want, add premium services such as call recording and outbound calling, and complete your purchase.

Now prospects can connect with your business through local calls. And when you place calls, you can choose which caller ID to display.

Ready to Purchase a New Business Number?

We at United World Telecom can help you expand and cover the areas and markets most useful for your company. Sign up for local numbers on our homepage or call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 to learn more!

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