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5 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone Service

Reasons to change business phone service

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Is your business phone service giving you the communication support you need? Does your team have the right tools needed to perform efficiently on calls? Are you shattering your pockets paying high calling fees? Then maybe it’s time for a change.

Why Should You Find a New Business Phone Service Provider: 5 Reasons

A good small business phone service is the backbone of any company. The quality of your phone service directly impacts how your business will handle customer calls and that, in turn, impacts customer satisfaction. Your phone service is the main way to communicate with current customers and potential leads. And so, choosing the right service is crucial to your business’s overall development.

Here are the 5 main reasons to consider a new phone service provider for business and what to look for in your new phone service.

1. Better Rates for Good, Reliable Quality

Since your phone service is a constant aspect of doing business, you need a provider that will offer you attractive rates and better pricing options for good service quality. Look for providers that offer competitive rates or that provide multiple plans so you can find one that works best for your needs.

More importantly, the price should not dictate the quality of service you receive. Check out customer reviews and testimonials and see how past customers have used this service. Additionally, look at your provider’s history: how long have they been in the business? How have they grown and developed with new VoIP trends and technological advancements? And so on. This will let you know how one provider stacks up against another, and which one will serve you better.

2. International Calling Benefits

Almost all businesses have some form of international outreach or expansion plan. Even if it is not something your company wants to pursue right away, it helps to have a phone service that can help you expand when the time is right. A VoIP phone service provider can help you achieve this by letting you scale up or down as needed.

You can take advantage of international calling with business VoIP as it uses call divert to forward calls globally. This means you or your customers do not have to worry about paying high international calling rates when it comes to connecting with your business. It also means that you can enter target markets and regions virtually without needing to build a physical local presence. This is a great way to offer sales and customer support to international prospects and to grow your business at your own pace.

3. More Access to Cloud Communication Tools

Good customer support and sales generation also depends on the type of business phone service you have. For example, can your current system route calls based on the time of day or the location of the caller? Can you record both incoming and outgoing calls and save the recordings for 6 years? Do you need a robust IVR system to assist callers?

Cloud communication tools can enable effective call management and help with creating an efficient phone system. And you can utilize these features to enhance caller experience and increase customer satisfaction.

4. No Long-term Contracts or Commitments

Most providers require you to sign a long-term contract and make a big commitment. However, any provider worth its salt will not ask you to make a commitment. Their service should speak for itself and make you want to continue using this provider. You shouldn’t feel forced to stick with them, especially if their service is not good or not living up to your expectations.

Additionally, cancellations should be easy. If you want to get out of a contract and switch to a new provider, you shouldn’t have to pay cancellation fees or penalties. This is how you will know that the service is good and that the company believes in their own product.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

Lastly, if an issue occurs, you should be able to connect with your provider with ease. This means 24/7 customer support and through multichannel support options such as voice, video, email, SMS, live chat, trouble tickets, and so on. You should feel comfortable and confident in connecting with your provider for technical assistance and customer support. Any business that is hard to reach most likely has low customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Time to Change Your Business Phone Service?

Switching to a new phone service can seem daunting, especially when you do not know what to look for. If you think a new provider can offer you better service for better prices, then now is the time to make the change. Speak with one of our experts to learn more about our services and how we can help you create the ideal business phone system!

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