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Virtual Phone Numbers for Billboards

virtual phone numbers for billboards

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Whether your company is large or small, virtual phone numbers on your billboard ads may be exactly what your business needs. When operating a business, marketing typically plays a big role. Knowing which types of marketing strategies to employ and mapping out the process of when to launch the campaign, how long it should be, and the details of the campaign are other integral parts of the process. Billboard advertising has been around since the mid-1800s, but with advances in technology, it’s more effective than ever. 

Should I Invest in Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising is a tried-and-true tool for marketing. They are so commonplace that we may often overlook their usability. However, when planning an advertising strategy, this is an option to consider. 

Benefits of Billboard Advertising for Your Business

Billboard advertising is not only still in-use out of habit. They remain in use due to the results they produce. The fundamental concept behind billboard advertising is still sound, and new technologies have introduced additional ways to use billboards. Some of the benefits of billboard advertising for your business include:

  • Billboard advertising allows for geographically targeted marketing.
  • Simple, clear information on a billboard has a big impact.
  • Repetition drills in messages when people drive or walk by billboards regularly.
  • Strategically placed billboard signs allow you to capture the attention of your audience more directly. These ads are unavoidable and in-your-face, unlike ads on TV, computers, or smartphones.
  • Digital billboards have opened new possibilities for using these innovative marketing tools.

Is Billboard Advertising Only for Large Organizations?

Whether your business is small, local and newly-established, or large and long-established, billboard advertising can be very effective. Using the right messaging and the right location, billboards can work really well for businesses of all sizes. Including those that are just starting out. 

What About Virtual Phone Numbers for Billboards?

Using virtual phone numbers for billboards brings another layer of usability and effectiveness to the table. With virtual phone numbers for billboards, you can use different virtual numbers for each marketing campaign. The purpose of this is to track the effectiveness of each specific campaign. 

Billboards with virtual phone numbers
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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Rather than through the use of a traditional hard-wired landline, a virtual phone number works through the use of the Internet. Calls made to virtual phone numbers can be automatically forwarded to a main office line or any other landline or mobile line of your choosing. While this allows for all calls to be answered in one central location, the calls that come through virtual phone numbers can be tracked and recorded for both marketing and training purposes. This allows for you to measure how many calls came through from the billboard ad with a specific virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers are extremely cost-efficient and, like billboards, they represent a very effective marketing tool. 

What Makes Billboard Advertising Different Than Other Types of Advertising?

Billboards hold a very unique place within the advertising world due to their physical presence. They are not fleeting like a TV commercial, a radio ad, or an Internet ad. Billboards typically stand on the side of the road with a very large and visible message. 

In Closing

There is no single magic solution that will fill all of your organization’s growing and changing marketing needs. With that said, when used correctly, utilizing billboard advertising and virtual phone numbers together can do things that all other methods cannot. If you have a clear message with a call to action that you want to convey to your target audience, then billboards with virtual phone numbers may be exactly what your organization needs. Tracking your campaigns to review results and make modifications is one of the best reasons to have virtual numbers. Contact United World Telecom today to learn more!  

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