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Best Japan Virtual Number Providers in 2024

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Need Japan virtual numbers to support your business plans to expand to Japan? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top Japan virtual phone number providers along with information about the types of numbers, their costs, and included features.

Types of Japan Virtual Numbers

Before we discuss different Japan virtual number providers, we first need to look at the different types of Japan virtual numbers that exist.

Toll free numbers:
Japan toll free numbers are business numbers that offer free calling to customers. Callers can call these numbers from within Japan for free.

National numbers:
Japan national numbers are business numbers that can be dialed from within Japan and from other countries.

Geographic numbers:
Local Japan numbers are assigned to certain areas within the country and have distinct area codes. Callers are charged regular local calling fees for these numbers.

Best Japan Virtual Phone Number Providers

Now that we have listed the different types of Japan virtual numbers available, let’s look at the top Japan virtual phone number providers and what they offer.

USD to Yen conversion rates are accurate as of January 11th, 2024.

1. United World Telecom

Since 1996, United World Telecom has been providing virtual communication tools such as business phone numbers and call forwarding to businesses around the world. United World Telecom provides:

Virtual number plans: United World Telecom’s Japan virtual number plans range from $17.95/month (¥2608.03) and to $598.95/month (¥87,023.84).

Features included:

2. Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding was launched in 2007 to provide easy and convenient communication tools to companies the world over. The telecom company currently offers business toll free and local numbers from over 160 countries. Global Call Forwarding offers

  • Mobile-accessible toll free numbers
  • Geographic Japanese phone numbers
  • Non-geographic Japanese phone numbers
  • Universal toll free numbers (UIFN)

Virtual number plans: Global Call Forwarding’s Japan virtual business number plans start at $17.95/month (¥2608.03) and go up to $598.95/month (¥87,023.84).

Features included:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • IVR technology
  • Time of day routing
  • Select country forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Hosted call recording
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Outbound calling


Japanese telecom operator KDDI has been supplying Japan with telecom solutions since 2000. They provide local and long-distance voice connections and IP telephony.

Virtual number plans: KDDI’s Japan phone plans include

  • Registration fee ¥2,000 ($)
  • Dial-in registration fee ¥1,000 ($)
  • Business Call Direct fee ¥10,000 ($)
  • Basic monthly fee ¥600 ($)
  • Plus equipment rental costs and additional calling charges

Features included:

  • Dial-in services
  • Call rejection
  • International calling

4. NTT DoCoMo

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) DoCoMo is a Japanese telecommunications company offering voice communication tools to users in Japan.

Virtual number plans: DoCoMo’s phone plans include

  • An initial cost of ¥1,000 ($6.88) – ¥2,000 ($13.77)
  • Monthly cost of ¥900 ($6.19) – ¥5,000 ($34.42)

5. SoftBank

Among other things, SoftBank offers broadband, fixed-line telecom, and internet services. You can get different phone plans for personal and business use.

Virtual number plans: SoftBank’s Japan business phone plans range from ¥400/contract line ($2.75) to ¥1,400/contract line ($9.64). VoIP gateway’s monthly charge ranges from ¥500/equipment ($3.44) to ¥5,000/equipment ($34.42).

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