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Porting Phone Numbers

Porting phone numbers, or transferring phone numbers from one service provider to another sounds like something that should be pretty straightforward and seamless. You may just want to take a phone number or multiple phone numbers and move them over to another carrier. Though it may seem like a pretty straightforward process, there are still a few points to consider.

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Check the Portability of Your Numbers

First, you have to make sure that your number or numbers are portable. United World Telecom offers a portability checker to ensure your number or numbers are indeed portable. Just give us your numbers and we will check for you. The FCC states, “You can switch telephone service providers for wireline, wireless, or Voice over Internet Protocol and keep your existing phone number if you remain in the same geographic area.” At times, there may be an issue if you are moving to a new geographic area, but this is not always the case, so it is best to thoroughly and properly check.

What is the Porting Process?

Next, the port out process of your current carrier must be looked into. There is something that is referred to as a customer service record, which makes the process between exiting an old service provider and signing up with a new one more of a smooth transition. If a customer provides account information that is inconsistent with that of their current service provider, this could cause a delay. If the soon to be service provider has a customer service record, this makes things easier and quicker.

Also, in order for porting phone numbers to be successful, the phone numbers that you are trying to port must be active, so that has to be confirmed as well. If the phone number or phone numbers are active, steps should also be taken to see if there are any pending port orders related to those phone numbers with the current provider. Some providers will not allow phone numbers to port out if there are already pending port orders.

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More About the Porting Process

Porting phone numbers should not take very long to complete. In the porting rules listed by the FCC, it states, “Simple ports to be processed in one business day.” Most ports are considered to be simple ports, but if there is more than one line attached to the phone number or there is something else that makes the situation a little more complex, the process may take a little longer. United World Telecom is experienced in porting phone numbers and ensuring that no matter the situation, the phone number transfer is completed efficiently and as expeditiously as possible.

Anytime someone wishes to hold on to their existing phone number or phone numbers, whether they are for business or personal use, there will be understandable concerns about a transfer or porting of those numbers. Most apprehension or concerns arise from not being informed about the process. Knowing what steps are taken can help to alleviate concerns. Our team at United World Telecom has been dedicated to providing global communication solutions to customers all over the world for decades. It is our mission to help alleviate any concerns and ensure a smooth porting process for phone numbers.

United World Telecom is a long time leader in global communication products and services and is committed to ensuring all customers receive the products and features that best serve their needs. United World Telecom is also committed to superior customer service to make sure that all customers receive any and all assistance needed, corresponding to their global communications products and services. Contact United World Telecom today to discuss porting phone numbers or any other global communication needs you may have.