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SMS Forwarding

SMS forwarding is a premium feature for virtual phone numbers which forwards incoming SMS messages to any e-mail address.

sms forwarding

With advancements in technology, businesses now offer more ways of communication. And so customers expect phone, email, chat, and SMS to connect with a company they are interested in. SMS messaging opens up yet another avenue for easy communication between your employees and customers.

What is SMS Forwarding?

SMS forwarding is a legacy service feature that United World Telecom no longer offers to new customers. After phasing out the service, we stopped providing this solution to new customers.

The feature was previously used to forward incoming SMS messages from a virtual phone number to any email address worldwide. In other words, your customers could send SMS or text messages to your business that you receive in preset email inboxes. By offering SMS to their customers, businesses could further increase accessibility, making it easier and more convenient for interested customers to connect with them.

Here’s a breakdown of how SMS Forwarding works:

  1. Someone sends your teams an SMS to an SMS-capable business phone number.
  2. The assigned number automatically forwards the SMS to the email on file.
  3. Your teams can now read the text message via email.

How it Works

Subscribers used to be able to purchase an SMS-enabled phone number to receive incoming text messages from customers within the country they selected. SMS forwarding would then forward incoming text messages to any email address chosen and set by the subscriber.

Note that this feature did not work for website verifications, OTP, and two-factor authentication codes.

Benefits of Using SMS with Customers

So, why should your business consider investing in this feature? Here are the top reasons why companies benefit from using an SMS tool:

  1. Makes your business more mobile-friendly.
  2. Stays current with customer service trends.
  3. Makes your business more accessible and easily reachable by offering an additional communication channel.
  4. Attracts more customers with a convenient customer service option.
  5. Receives text messages from customers in different countries for your SMS-capable number.
  6. Improves the way you correspond with customers.

Countries United World Telecom Currently Offers Forwarding Services

United World Telecom no longer offers SMS forwarding to new customers.

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