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Starting a Customer Call Center for Your SaaS Business

Customer call center for SaaS

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Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is an emerging business model for today’s technological business landscape. Typically, most SaaS businesses operate solely over the Internet. However, most customers prefer having customer service agents available to handle their unique concerns. Luckily, United World Telecom offers numerous ways to accommodate these needs. With the versatility of virtual phone numbers, you can easily and efficiently set up a top-performing customer call center.

In this article, we will cover numerous aspects of starting a customer call center for your SaaS business, including:

  • Hiring & Training Talent
  • Accommodating Customers
  • Enhancing Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Getting the Word Out

Hiring & Training Talent

Your call center needs qualified individuals to man the phones. You’ll want to select qualified individuals that display the best qualities to carry out your company’s mission. While starting a customer call center may seem daunting, United World Telecom makes the process incredibly simple.

Virtual Numbers Offer Great Versatility

First, virtual phone numbers can be used with any device that has Internet and audio capabilities. This includes laptops, smartphones, headsets, landlines, tablets, and more. Employees who are familiar with any of these devices can begin using virtual phone numbers immediately.

A User-Friendly Option for Call Centers

Second, virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom require very little technical expertise. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard interface, your customer call center representatives will not need significant training to use it. This means that your organization spends less time training, resulting in cost reductions in overheads.

Accommodating Customers

Remember that customers can reach your business from around the world with virtual phone numbers. This can give your SaaS business a wider international reach that wouldn’t be possible through other means. By setting up a toll free number, you accommodate customers that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach you. Similarly, you can use United World Telecom’s international toll free numbers (i.e. ITFS, UIFNs, mobile accessible numbers). With these, you alleviate any obstacles that may prevent customers from reaching your customer call center.

Customer call center for Saas business
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Enhancing Inbound and Outbound Calls

United World Telecom’s add-ons and features, paired with virtual phone numbers, can greatly enhance how your call center functions. United World Telecom offers some of the following add-ons:

One example of how you can increase the functionality of your communications is by using the popular add-on CallMe Click. It enables website visitors to reach your call center simply by clicking on a link (i.e. button, phone number). This instantly bridges the gap and makes it simple to resolve issues, finalize transactions, and provide important information. This creates a seamless experience for interested customers that would otherwise require dialing a number manually.

Getting the Word Out

It’s necessary to have a customer call center for your SaaS business. Though, if no one knows how to reach you, it’s useless, right?

Once you’ve virtual obtained phone numbers for your call center, it is time to make it known to your clients and potential customers. You should mention that your organization has an available call center wherever it is relevant. Be sure to display the phone number on your website(s), advertising, and promotional materials. This ensures customers are aware that you have a customer call center, and they know you are ready to help.

Get Virtual Numbers for Your SaaS Company from United World Telecom

As you can see, United World Telecom offers the easiest way to fortify your customer call center for your SaaS business. With virtual phone numbers available in over 140 countries, your company gains endless ways to establish a customer call center for your SaaS business. Signing up with United World Telecom is simple and can be completed within minutes, giving you access within 24 hours or less to start serving your customers today!

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