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What is an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)?

What is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP)?

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When looking for a new business phone service, it is important to understand who offers the service and how to choose the right voice service provider.

Here’s a brief overview of an ITSP and how they provide cloud telephony services.

Understanding Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP)

ITSPs bring IP telephony capabilities to businesses and households. You can use an internet telephony service provider to set up your business cloud phone system by adding voice and other communication functionality. ITSPs are also known as voice service providers (VSPs).

What is an ITSP?

An internet telephony service provider (ITSP) is a supplier of cloud-based telecommunications services. In other words, they use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to enable users to make and receive calls through their internet connection.

ITSPs do this by providing internet directly to users or other wholesale internet suppliers. Their service is based on local telephones and VoIP functionality. And so, the internet connection is set up using IP phones, softphones, or a PBX system using SIP trunks.

What Does an ITSP Do?

In short, an internet telephony service provider connects you to the internet.

They use a local telephone connection attached to an analog adapter. This link is responsible for connecting to local providers through dial-up connections. To establish this connection, you will need an IP phone or a PBX system and IP protocols.

Common internet protocols used by an ITSP include:

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) — Internet signaling protocol used to initiate, maintain, and terminate real-time voice and video communication
  • H.323 Protocol — Recommended protocol for voice, video, and data conferencing over packet-based networks
  • Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) — Signaling and call control communications protocol
  • MeGaCo/H.248 Protocol — Used for communications between the media gateway controller (MGC) and the media gateway (MGW)

How to Choose the Right ITSP

So, how do you decide which internet telephone service provider to use? This depends on what you need from the service.

1. Determine business communication needs

First, identify what is lacking in your business phone system. Why do you want to take it to the cloud? What are you expecting from this new service provider? What communication issues would you like to fix? Next, consider what solutions can help you improve your phone service.

2. Research providers and their offerings

Look at what top voice services providers are offering. Does their service come with a suite of communication features you can benefit from? Do they include features or solutions you need? See how different providers package their offerings and how many of those features you require.

3. Compare prices and reviews

Next, review prices and customer testimonials. Does your potential provider offer multiple plans or payment options? What all comes included in a plan, and what is extra? Do they charge for setup, installation, or cancellation fees? Then consider what current customers say and review case studies demonstrating how the service is used.

Once you’ve reviewed your needs and what ITSPs offer, you can go ahead and contact your preferred provider.

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