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Growing Your Business Online: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Expanding

Growing Your Business Online: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Expanding

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With the growth of digital commerce, many companies and entrepreneurs are looking to go digital. A lot of consumers are going online not only for their shopping needs but also to research and find quality services. So, growing your business online can help you gain access to a wider audience for your product or service. However, if you are not taking advantage of everything the online world has to offer, then your business probably isn’t reaching its full potential.

Your Business isn’t Growing Online Because . . .

Growing a company online can be difficult and competitive. However, with the right resources, tools, and decisions, it is not an impossible task. Here are 10 reasons why your business isn’t expanding:

1) Are You on the Right Platform?

Choosing the right online platform to situate and promote your website depends on the type of business you have. Consider what elements can boost your image. For example, do you need a platform that highlights visual media or one that highlights content? Writers looking to promote their writing skills won’t find much success on a social media platform like Instagram. Photographers and other visual artists, on the other hand, can use Instagram to showcase their talents and skills. Similarly, for a business providing complicated services, a website producing informative content can be very useful to potential clients. Keeping these in mind, research to identify where your online company belongs and can gain traction.

2) Targeting the Wrong Crowd

It is crucial to identify the right customers for your business. If you are focusing on the wrong crowd, you will be missing valuable sales. Determine your ideal customer and then also consider other potential client profiles. Keep an open mind so that you can target different types of customers and use that to your advantage.

3) Complicated and Slow Web Design

If you’ve gone the website route, then reevaluate your web design. Is there too much happening? Is important content ― like information about services or products offered ― difficult to locate? Or are there many stops between finding a product and the checkout page, allowing customers opportunities to reconsider and drop the item? Is your website slow? These are important questions to consider. Since most users are going to find your website on their phones, you want your website to be mobile-friendly and quick to load.

4) Bad Website Rankings in Search Results

Next, check if you are ranking well in search results. If you are on the second or third page (or further behind), then there’s a good chance that customers are not aware your company exists. And of course, this does not help with growing your business online. Optimizing the website should be a priority. Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) tools that will help you appear higher in search results. Identify relevant keywords for your product and target them in posts. Publish educational and informative content that focuses on your services and the industry in general. This will show users that you have expertise and experience. You can also use an AI SEO content generator to build SEO-optimized articles with focus keywords in bulk

5) Not Providing Multi-channel Communication

Don’t limit communication to just phone or email. Provide your customers with different ways to get in touch with you and interact with your service. Phone and email are the basic means of contact. However, you should also use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Build your profile on career sites like LinkedIn so that customers can look up your credentials and references. SMS and chat services are growing popular as customers are increasingly choosing text over phone calls. Callback services could be another way to connect with customers. United World Telecom offers a CallMe-Click button for your website. Visitors can click on this button and enter contact information to immediately receive a call from you. Multiple channels give customers more opportunities to interact with your brand.

6) Ignoring the Importance of Email Lists

Email lists are important for growing your business online. Don’t just rely on people coming to your website or social media channel and then making a purchase. Customers need to be nudged with offers, reminders, and more incentives. And email lists is one way to do that. And a personal one too because you can personally respond and interact with them. Use pop-up sign-up forms. Offer “subscribers only” incentives. Make your email easily accessible and shareable.

7) Limiting Your Marketing to One Platform Only

Next, use all these communication platforms to market your services. Consider paid and social media ads. Create email campaigns and send out newsletters updating customers on new products or features, upcoming promotions, membership opportunities, etc. Use these tools to stay on your target customers’ radar and encourage them to use your product or service.

8) Staying Local

Get a virtual number and open an “online office.” Virtual numbers can be local, international, or toll free numbers and United World Telecom offers these numbers in more than 160 countries. This way, you can get local numbers in different states or countries and expand your business there as well. And so, you are not limited to your city or state and can start attracting an international clientele. Local numbers will put your business in local directories. Also, customers recognize local numbers and are more likely to call an area or country code they know.

9) Not Tracking Your Progress

Use tools like Google Analytics to see how much traffic your website or social media is getting. These tools will show you how many users are visiting your site and where they are coming from. This way, you can identify which strategies are working and drawing more customers. You can use this information to improve other platforms or update your marketing strategy.

10) Not Considering Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Another way to grow your business online is by executing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Pay-per-click ads are sponsored ads on the top of a search result. These ads charge you only when someone clicks on the sponsored ad. You can easily run PPC campaigns on a small budget through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. You can also insert your phone number in the ad, making it easier for customers to call you from search results.

Learn and Improve

With these tips in mind, start growing your business online by fixing current mistakes and opening new channels of interaction. As they say, change is the only constant, and the digital world is constantly changing. And so, you have to keep up with the demands of the digital world. Stay up to date, improve, adapt, and soar higher!

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