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Who Are The World’s Largest Tech Companies?

Who Are The World’s Largest Tech Companies

June 8, 2019 Mountain View / CA / USA - Googleplex map and office building at the campus in Silicon Valley; The "double o's" of the logo are decorated in rainbow colors in honor of LGBTQ Rights

This decade has seen a gradual rise in tech companies across the board. From new phone models to social media to smart homes. The largest tech companies have changed our lives at home, at work, and at play. In every aspect, tech is making processes more convenient, effective, and fun.

Top 2021 Largest Tech Companies

Most of the companies on the list below have been in action for quite some time and have been gradually expanding. They are common names and their services are known and used by many, even if people don’t realize it. So, who are some of the largest tech companies of 2021?

Alphabet / Google

Country: United States
Business Type: The leading search engine. Side projects: innovative tech developer Google X, smart home projects Home and Nest, phones, and life-extension company Calico.

An obvious contender, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been strategically growing over the past several years and is one of the largest tech companies expanding its coverage. Google started as a search engine and now has grown into much more, dipping its toes in home security, smart home tech, phones and network coverage, and biotech with Calico. And Google has even greater plans for growth and expansion.


Country: United States
Business Type: Phone/ technology company

Apple, founded in 1976, now has over 115,000 employees and more than 468 stores in 17 countries. Also one of the largest tech companies in the world, Apple has an annual revenue of $29.2 billion approximately. Apple offers phones, iPads, iPods, its music streaming service, Apple TV, Macbooks, and more. And its products and services are preferred by many across different age groups.


Country: South Korea
Business Type: Electronics, electric appliances, and phone company

Samsung was founded in South Korea in 1969. And it has grown to be one of the largest tech companies offering reliable electronics, phones, and electric appliances used the world over. The company has over 319,000 employees in about 80 countries and an estimated annual revenue of $211.9 billion.


Country: United States
Business Type: Software/tech

Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft began by inventing computers and then expanding to more tech-related services. Microsoft, an American multinational tech company, now develops, manufactures, and produces computer software, PCs, and electronics. The company offers operating systems, its office software suite and tools, and cloud computing solutions. And, Microsoft products are used by businesses and individuals worldwide for basic to advanced purposes. All of this makes Microsoft one of the largest and most valuable tech companies.


Country: United States
Business Type: Social media platform

Facebook, founded in 2004, still is one of the highest-ranking social media platforms. Originally developed as a social networking site, the company has grown to do more. It is now also one of the biggest advertising platforms and is used for marketing efforts. Facebook has purchased over 70 companies including WhatsApp, which was one of its biggest purchases. And it has done all of this in only 15 years of existence, making it one of the top tech companies in the last two decades.


Country: United States
Business Type: E-commerce giant

Everybody knows and uses Amazon’s services across the world. Amazon started as an online bookstore and has grown to become much more. Since it was founded in 1994, Amazon has continuously been making it easier for users to gain access to products and services from anywhere in the world at reasonable prices and with quick deliveries. Now, Amazon plans to utilize automation to make its service quicker and more efficient. The e-commerce giant hopes to achieve this by using robots in its manufacturing and packaging plants and by using drones for delivery.

Tencent Holdings Limited

Country: China
Business Type: Tech products and internet-related services

Founded in 1998, Tencent specializes in internet-related products and services, AI, and entertainment tech. It is also the world’s largest gaming company as well as social media company. And the company’s services include mobile and online games, e-commerce, social networking, music, smartphones, and more. Tencent has more than 700 million active users and 120 million subscribers, making it one of Asia’s most valuable tech companies.


Country: United States
Business Type: Microprocessor, semiconductor manufacturing company

Intel was founded in 1968 however, it did not become a part of primary business till the development of personal computers in 1981. Then when Intel’s stock price rose dramatically in the 1990s, the company grew tremendously. And now Intel’s products have become an essential component of PCs and laptops used by millions. More recently, Intel has been entering the artificial intelligence (AI) market.

Hon Hai Precision / Foxconn Tech Group

Country: Taiwan
Business Type: Multinational electronics manufacturer

Hon Hai Precision Industry was founded by Terry Gou in 1974. The company’s original trade name was Foxconn. It currently employees more than 1.3 million individuals. Hon Hai Precision manufactures and produces electronic products and components for other companies. Popular clients served by Foxconn are Blackberry, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Playstation 3 and 4.

Largest Tech Companies: 2021 Forecast

The question remains, will these remain the largest tech companies in the new decade? Many of these companies have enjoyed their time in the sun for the past few years consistently. However, tech companies like IBM, Oracle, and so on are slowly making their way to the top. Let’s see what the new year and decade has in store for our favorite tech giants.

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