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Uses of Sequential & Simultaneous Call Forwarding

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Sequential and simultaneous call forwarding can help your company build loyalty and trust between your business and customers. Simultaneous ringing allows for multiple phones to ring at once.

When multiple phone lines are being rung it is more likely that the call will not only be answered, but the issue will be solved quickly. Response time is essential when dealing with customers. It shows that you value their time and their input. Sequential ringing is typically used when you have a preferred phone that you would like the call to be directed to.

Sequential Call Forwarding

The reasons for using this service vary, but some examples of when you will need sequential ringing are, if your battery is low, the placement of the phone is more convenient to get to, the call needs to be directed to a specific office and when that office is not available the call must then be forwarded to the next best option. No matter where the call falls on a predetermined list of phone numbers, you know that the call will be answered even if someone is away from his or her desk.

Also, if your company takes advantage of the use of call centers, sequential forwarding can be used to connect your business to a call center located across the globe. Whether your phone call needs to go to India, or you merely stepped away from your desk, and the call needs to forward to your mobile, both can be done with sequential call forwarding.

Sequential Call Forwarding works by forwarding the call to the first number you have set up beforehand, it will ring for a length of time that you have also set, and if the call is not answered within that time frame, your call will be directed to the next number on your list like a phone tree. If the second phone does not pick it will be forward to the third number, and then to the fourth and final number. Once it has gone down the list of 4 different numbers, then the call can be sent to voicemail.

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Simultaneous Ringing

Simultaneous Ringing is slightly different from sequential call forwarding. Instead of being forwarded to one person at a time, several phones can ring at once. This is especially beneficial for a call center. This advanced feature is included with your toll-free number purchased from United World Telecom. Although several phones can ring at the same time, only the first phone to answer the call will be connected to the caller. Similar to sequential call forwarding, you can set up your desktop to ring and your mobile phone to ring, but instead of one ringing first, they will both ring at the same time. That way the caller won’t have to wait for an answer no matter where you are and you won’t miss out on a sale.

Setting up Simultaneous Ringing in Your Control Panel is Very Simple

  1. Head to United World Telecom’s website to login to your account.
  2. When you have logged in to your account, click Account Overview to find Call Forwarding
  3. Click on ‘Call Forwarding Configuration’ and choose the toll-free number that you want to set up.
  4. Click ‘Call Forwarding’ after you have selected the toll free number and then click ‘Advanced’ to set up more advanced forwarding tools for that number.
  5. Find ‘Forward all calls to’ and enter the phone numbers that you want to ring simultaneously when the toll free number is dialed.
  6. Don’t forget to apply the settings!

The virtual phone numbers available at United World Telecom are filled with features that will make running your business simpler and smoother. You will never miss another essential business call when you take advantage of the sequential call forwarding and simultaneous ringing features that can be applied to landlines, mobile numbers, desktops, and tablets. These services make it simple to stay in communication with your customers around the clock.

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