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Expanding a Business Overseas with Virtual Phone Numbers

expanding a business overseas

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Many businesses have decided to go global to compete, but the competition has become more fierce in recent years because of the influx of businesses expanding, not only in America, but abroad as well. A product that might do well in America may be able to sell even more in markets like Japan or India. If you are thinking of taking your business abroad, then you may be able to get a leg up on the competition by following these tips.

Competition is a Good Thing

As the number of competing businesses grow, so do the number of opportunities. New markets are opening all the time and existing markets are always expanding. New and old businesses should be prepared to take hold of new opportunities whenever they are presented. Thanks to huge improvements in technology and the telecom industry, almost any business can be easily equipped for international business.

International Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the most accessible pieces of technology available to a business is an international virtual phone number. These phone numbers are affordable and very popular with a variety of businesses. International virtual phone numbers work like any other phone number except that they are not bound to one single device. The number can be used to take inbound calls or make outbound calls from multiple devices. The best part is that the number can be hosted in your home country, yet international customers will still have access to your business.

The international virtual phone number is hosted on a Call Forwarding system that redirects phone calls from international territories to a local phone line. For example, a caller in the United Kingdom will be forwarded to your chosen local line in America. The caller from the UK will also not have to incur extra international calling fees. The customer saves money while your business saves money by not having to build international offices and hire new employees. If it is your end-goal to eventually build offices abroad, an international virtual phone number is a great way to establish roots in a new market.

Benefits of Using an International Virtual Phone Number

The strides made in telecom technology have created an easy path for more and more businesses to expand overseas. Because the virtual phone number matches a local number used in the foreign country or city of your choosing, the customer will not realize that the call is actually being answered in another country. This is important because many customers will not want to purchase your products if they cannot reach you by telephone. If a customer has a question about a product or wants to discuss exchanges, returns, or they simply want to let you know that they enjoy your product, they will hardly be eager to have to call an international phone number and incur charges to their phone bill.

International phone numbers can be used to enhance your business’ public image. You can control the image you want your business to convey by branding your business as a large and successful global company by having several points of contact in multiple foreign nations. Even if you are running your business from your kitchen island, you can still portray an image of being a big deal.

Purchasing an international virtual phone number will allow you to have a presence all over the world for a very low cost. You will save on international offices and a new international staff.

International virtual phone numbers also allow your company to maintain business relationships with contacts in foreign countries. Communication is key in every relationship and very important when you decide to take your business abroad.

United World Telecom offers a variety of international phone numbers in over 140 different countries. They also offer a variety of plans and access to features contingent upon your business’ needs. Whether you own a small business or are operating a large corporation, there are options that will enable you to obtain the international phone numbers you need. To learn more call us at 1 (888) 908-6171.

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