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IT Manager Career Path: Skills, Responsibilities, and Salary

The career path of an IT manager.

Looking to step into an IT leadership role? An IT manager is a good place to advance to in your career.

Here we will go over the IT Manager career path and how to build a successful career in information technology.

IT Manager: Job Description

So, what does an IT Manager do?

An IT Manager is mainly responsible for managing IT systems and solving any hardware or software issues. This position is a stepping stone to rising in the field and requires technical knowledge and an understanding of business processes.

As part of the IT team, you must communicate well and use problem-solving and data analysis to ensure systems are running efficiently. You may even be expected to operate an IT team under your direct supervision.

What is the Salary of an IT Manager?

According to Glassdoor’s June 2022 report, the estimated total salary for an IT manager is $117,590 per year (US), with an average salary of $98,538 per year.

The salary of an IT manager.


IT Manager Career Path: Requirements, Skills, Responsibilities

Let’s review the requirements, skills, and responsibilities associated with an IT manager. Having these skills and understanding the expectations of this position will help you succeed in this role.


How do you become an IT Manager? And, what does it take to become an IT Manager? Most employers require the following:

  • Proven working experience as an IT Manager or relevant experience
  • Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis, computer hardware, and software systems
  • Expertise in data management and governance
  • Hands-on experience with computer networks and network administration and installation
  • Appropriate technical background
  • Business acumen and staff management skills
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • BS in Computer Science, MIS, or similar field


These are the skills needed to be an IT manager:

  • Technical skills
  • Leadership and negotiation skills
  • Strong financial and organizational skills
  • Ability to listen, learn, and communicate well
  • Ability to update and continue to be relevant
  • Conflict management
  • Project management skills
  • Presentation and writing skills


Depending on the company’s size and goals, as an IT manager, you will be expected to achieve the following responsibilities:

Team management

  • Lead and manage an IT team
  • Define and set clear goals for the team
  • Recognize the need for growth
  • Supervise productivity
  • Provide guidance and feedback

Project management

  • Create projects and delegate tasks
  • Design, develop, implement, and coordinate systems, IT policies and procedures
  • Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time
  • Audit systems and assess their outcomes

Information systems

  • Manage information technology and computer systems
  • Control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations
  • Ensure security of data, network access, and backup systems
  • Monitor service and system efficiency and security measures
  • Troubleshoot, fix, and implement new systems
  • Stay updated on new technology

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Data analytics

  • Predict business trends and client behavior
  • Report on company data and security
  • Preserve assets, information security, and control structures


  • Aligning department goals with business goals
  • Handle annual budget and ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Manage budget and timelines when working with multiple groups of people (internal and external)

Note: These responsibilities vary depending on the business’ particular goals, hierarchies, and structure.

Building a Career in IT

Information technology, as a field, continues to remain relevant and important. More and more businesses are growing internal IT teams to support production and development and run their business more efficiently. As such, the IT Manager career path is quite promising. So, if a job in IT is in your sights, now is the time to work towards it. Good luck!

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