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Untied World Telecom Blog

ITFS Explained: What is International Toll Free Service?

what is international toll free service

Need an improved and reliable business phone system? Have you considered an international toll free service to attract customers from all over the world? Such a service can help you …Read More »

5 Benefits of International Toll Free Numbers

A photo of international toll free number benefits

Are international toll free numbers worth it? What benefits can they bring to your business? In this post, we will explain the top 5 benefits of an international toll free …Read More »

Guide to Local Phone Numbers

A photo of a man with local phone numbers.

As a business, you want to remain reachable and accessible at all times. Customers need to know you are close by and can be contacted easily. And one way to …Read More »

8 Proven Ways to Get B2B Customers in 2020

Photo of a man getting B2B customers in 2020.

Looking for refreshing ways to get B2B customers in 2020? Here we detail 8 ways and methods you can use to increase brand awareness and gain new customers. Want to …Read More »

6 Reasons to Change Your Toll Free Number Provider

reasons to change toll free number provider

Wondering if your toll free number provider is the best that’s out there? Here are 6 reasons you may want to consider switching your toll free number provider for a …Read More »

What is the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)?

public switched telephone network

Here we will look at the public switched telephone network in detail. We will highlight important terminology, technology involved, costs, and alternatives to consider. What is the Public Switched Telephone …Read More »