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ITFS Numbers

international toll free calls

In an increasingly competitive market, business owners must keep up with new advances in technology and strategies to stay ahead of the competition. The area of communication between customers and …Read More »

VoIP: Today’s Top Solution for Business Phone Numbers

VoIP Business Phone Numbers

What is the best phone system for your small business? There seems to be an unlimited number of choices when it comes to choosing a communication system. There are landlines, …Read More »

Getting a Toll Free Number for Your Business is Easy

Getting a Toll Free Number

Getting a toll free number for your business is a convenient way to boost your communication with your customers. You can find toll free numbers from a variety of providers …Read More »

Designing Business Cards? Use a Virtual Phone Number

Designing Business Cards Designer on Laptop

As the world goes more and more virtual, one thing is still consistent: business cards. If you do not have a business card that you can bring with you to …Read More »

Toll Free Numbers for Marketing Campaigns


Before starting a new marketing campaign, you may be wondering if a toll free number will be useful. If you are considering getting a toll free number for your business …Read More »

Does Your Business Need a Toll Free Number in the Age of Mobile?

businessman cellphone

Technology has been quickly evolving over the past few years. The telephone industry is not an exception to this. Ever since the first toll free number debuted in the 1960s, …Read More »