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The History of Toll Free Numbers

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Toll free telephone numbers are used as a tool for businesses to incur the charges that would normally be charged to the customer trying to reach them. It is important for businesses to offer easy ways for their customers to contact them. Companies who provide free and simple ways to communicate with their customers become […]

Opening a Business in Puerto Rico

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Many companies from around the globe already call Puerto Rico home. These companies came to boost their opportunities for advancement and growth through the variety of industries thriving in Puerto Rico. Not to mention having a skilled labor pool and low costs. Puerto Rico as a Business Destination For companies expanding from the United States, […]

Opening a Business in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates ranks as #21 on the Ease of Doing Business in the World Bank data report for 2017, which went up ten ranks from its position at #31 in 2016. The growth of this thriving country, whose economy is dominated by the petroleum industry, has made the UAE a very tempting place […]

Opening a Business in London

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England is an attractive place to start a business if you are a foreign natural, and its capital city, London, is one of the best locations. If you are considering starting a business in the UK, here are some things to consider. The visa issue: If you are a foreign national, depending on which country’s […]

Lunar Wanderlust: Moon Travel is on the Horizon

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Almost 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 became the first lunar launch to reach the moon. When it landed in the lunar Sea of Tranquility, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin (known as Buzz) became the first people to set foot on the lunar surface. Fast forward to the present day, and […]

5G is Coming

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After all the trumpets and fanfare, 5G is finally coming. 5G is the fifth, and latest, generation of connectivity. According to experts, it will be ready for prime use by the end of 2018. Currently, the hardware is being tested, the software is being fine-tuned, and carriers are preparing for 5G deployment. What is 5G? […]

Mastering the Telephone Interview

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In an increasingly competitive market for jobs in virtually every sector, companies and recruiters are commonly asking that candidates go through a telephone interview first. Based on impressions made during a phone interview, the next round of candidates may be asked for an in-person interview. This means that mastering the telephone interview is key. Here […]

Political Awareness in Our Divided, Bi-Partisan World

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Many people have turned away from the idea of being politically aware because they have seen the games of politics used to manipulate and tear others down. The truth is, however, when political awareness is used as a force for good it is an essential skill of life. Whether it is in voting our lawmakers […]

Top Digital Communication Trends Enhancing Today’s Businesses

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Communication is a fundamental element in running a business. As a business owner, you should ensure you are remaining in regular contact with customers, partners, and remote employees. You should also ensure that the customer communication journey is unified. In other words, no matter which department they speak to within a company, everyone should be […]

Customer Experience: Why it’s a Necessity for All Businesses Today

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A primary topic of conversation circling throughout the business world today is focused on customer experience: why it’s a necessity for all businesses at the current time. Organizational leaders are recognizing the importance of delivering a customer experience that allows them to stand out in comparison to their competition. Whether directly related to customer service, […]