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7 Advantages of Using Automatic Call Distribution

automatic call distribution

Businesses the world over have been using an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system for better call management and to enhance caller experience. Let’s review the top 7 ACD advantages to …Read More »

SIP Response Codes: A Complete Guide

sip code guide

Learn about SIP response codes, how they function, and the different types of response codes available. Understanding SIP codes can help you identify issues within your communication system. What are …Read More »

IVR versus ACD: What is the Difference?


Both interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distribution (ACD) can help your business deal with high call volume more effectively. Both automated systems can direct callers to the right …Read More »

8 Powerful Applications Built Using WebRTC

A photo of WebRTC applications.

Want to know how powerful Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) can be for an app or browser client? Here are 8 great applications built using WebRTC that are currently being used …Read More »

Understanding Voice Over IP Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss

Understanding VoIP jitter, latency and packet loss.

The key to good VoIP call quality depends on a few factors such as jitter, latency, and packet loss. We discuss these elements below so you can ensure your business …Read More »

What are the Different Types of Contact Centers?

types of call centers

Can’t decide which of the different types of contact centers is right for your business communication needs? Here we highlight 7 types of call centers to help you understand which …Read More »