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Pricing, Reviews & Alternatives

When considering a switch to virtual phone services, it is important to research and compare different providers to determine which is ideal for your specific business. Here we will evaluate pricing and share reviews and top alternatives.


Others United World Telecom
Lowest Plans $4.49 / month $12.95 / month
Number of plans available 6 5
International numbers offered 160+ countries 160+ countries
Free Trial No Yes
Important Features Offered
Vanity Numbers
Multichannel Customer Support
Account Management
Call Forwarding
Reports and Analytics
Call Logs & Activity
Call Distribution
Interactive Voice Response
Voicemail to Email
Call Recording
Rollover Minutes
Number Parking
Call Queueing
Customizable Caller ID
Outbound Calling
Black and White Lists

Service Plans

Classic Basic Connect Standard Advanced Premium
Plans $4.49 / month $7.99 / month $16.99 / month $25.99 / month $43.99 / month $70.99 / month
Minutes 0 308 761 1,331 2,360 4,212
United World Telecom
Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
Plans $12.95 / month $23.95 / month $78.95 / month $158.95 / month $248.95 / month
Minutes 200 551 2,100 5,095 10,505

Other Reviews

Since 2001, other companies have been offering voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services to businesses, call centers, customer service companies, and more. They’ve grown and currently provide these services across 5 continents. From all the alternatives, United World Telcom is a good match. The company was established in 1996, and in the last 22 years, it has rapidly expanded to offer virtual telecom services to more than 160+ countries across the globe.

Both companies offer virtual communication options to small businesses, customer service and call centers, large corporations with high call volume, and more. You can get different types of virtual numbers like international toll free and local numbers from these providers. Their services make it easier to communicate with contacts and clients across the world and build stronger business connections.

What Does the Other Company Do?

Both companies provide a variety of tools to manage and organize call volume. And these tools provide efficient and reliable ways to connect with ideal customers. With features like call forwarding and call distribution, users can direct their calls to certain offices or departments during specific times of the day. They can set up an automated response with an interactive voice response (IVR) to handle incoming calls. IVR takes callers through a series of menus to complete a task or reach the right department. Simultaneous Ringing enables calls ring on multiple phones to ensure that even on a busy day a representative answers and the call does not go unanswered. SMS Forwarding options also provide clients a way to reach you without much work. And so, you can control the way calls are handled and, in turn, improve caller and customer experience.

Another way to draw prospects to call your company and improve their experience is through callback options. Callback makes it easier for customers to reach you and increases their chances of choosing to call. For example, the other have a Queue Callback feature which lets customers request a call back without stepping out of the call queue. United World Telecom offers a call now button which is placed on a subscriber’s website. Visitors on the website can click this button, enter their contact information, and receive a call from the company instantly. With these options available, you provide yet another way for prospects to communicate with your business.


Customer interaction is essential to the successful running of any business. Your company should be reachable to resolve issues or concerns and increase customer satisfaction. Virtual phone service providers like United World Telecom offer features and communication tools that can help enhance the way your enterprise interacts with its clients. And so, carefully consider alternatives and review the similarities and differences when making a decision.

F A Q | Alternatives

Since 2001, another company has been offering VoIP services and virtual phone numbers to businesses around the world.

The other company offers virtual business numbers as well as VoIP features and tools.

Communication features offered by the other company include: call forwarding, custom messages, voicemail, IVR systems, call recording, outbound calling, and more.

United World Telecom is a great alternative. United World Telecom has a large inventory of virtual phone numbers for more than 160 countries along with advanced virtual communication features and services. Businesses can use this service to support their global expansion plans.