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Hosted Call Recording: Top 7 Benefits

Hosted Call Recording Benefits.

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Hosted call recording can help you improve productivity and efficiency in the office. You can also use the system to conduct quality assurance and performance analysis. Here are the top 7 benefits of hosted call recording for businesses.

Benefits of Hosted Call Recording

Hosted call recording or cloud call recording is a recording system hosted in the cloud. Hosted call recording (with translation and transcription add-ons) is offered by telephony providers like United World Telecom. Most small- to medium-sized businesses can use this service without worrying about any hardware or maintenance costs. All you pay for is your subscription with the provider.

More and more businesses are getting cloud call recording services to increase productivity within the office. So, why should your business invest in a hosted call recording software? Here we will look at the various advantages of using hosted call recording to aid productivity and performance.

1. Keep Records and Documentation

Having a hosted call recording software can help you and your team keep records of all important calls and interactions, transactions, receipts, and more between your business and its clients. Reviewing these recordings can help your team understand customer behavior and preferences and serve them better.

2. Improve Quality Assurance

Most small- to medium-sized businesses use call recording to improve quality assurance within the customer service team. In other words, you can review recordings to see which approaches are more successful than others. This way, your customer service team can be trained to provide good customer support.

3. Conduct Performance Analysis

Call recording can also be used when conducting your agents’ performance analysis. There are many ways to record VoIP calls for review during yearly evaluations and help agents do better or reward them for being efficient.

4. Protect from Liabilities

Furthermore, in case of any misunderstanding or fraudulent activity, call recordings can protect your business from liabilities. Recordings can present as proof or evidence to prevent liabilities or keep your company safe.

5. Collect Customer Feedback

Businesses need to focus on customer experience and customer happiness to remain successful. You can use hosted call recording to run surveys and collect valuable feedback from customers. Then, review the feedback to improve your service and increase customer satisfaction.

6. Comply with Regulations

Financial institutions and companies are required to comply with recording regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act and MiFID II. These regulations call for transparency during business calls and avoiding fraudulent behavior. Recording business calls will ensure that your finance company remains in compliance with these regulations.

7. Increase Productivity in the Office

Ultimately, all of the above reasons ensure that your office and teams remain productive. You can keep track of your employees’ performance which gives them the incentive to do a good job. Furthermore, you can keep your business safe from fraudulent activity and liabilities. All in all, hosted call recording will help you create a better work atmosphere and improve quality assurance.

Get Hosted Call Recording

You can get call recording from United World Telecom by adding it to your virtual phone number plans. You can record up to 100% of all incoming and outgoing calls and store them for up to 6 years. Call us today at 1 (877) 898 8646 to learn more or to get hosted call recording for your business!

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