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Why Virtual Phone Numbers are Essential for Productivity

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Productivity is a crucial factor in any business however large or small. If it starts to wane, then profits begin to plummet. One of the best ways you can boost productivity is by using virtual phone numbers.

These days, more and more employees are juggling family, school, and other commitments outside of work. These are some of the main reasons why so many employees prefer to work from home. Before you rule this idea out, think about it carefully. Allowing your employees to work from home can be beneficial to you and your company in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cutting down your overheads: If your team works from home, you don’t have to provide them with an office. This means you can save money by not having to rent a workspace for them.
  • Increasing flexibility: Because employees are working from home, they can flex their hours. This means you can have someone available to cover customer service whenever you need them. And that means no dissatisfied customers because they will be tended to.
  • Employees love telecommuting: They can kiss goodbye to those stressful rush hour commutes and work from the comfort of their own home. Many employees, particularly millennials, are actively seeking jobs they can perform from home.
  • Increased productivity: People who telecommute are 20 percent more willing to work over 40 hours per week. What’s more: studies show that telecommuters are 20 percent more productive, and they miss far fewer days of work than their in-house colleagues.

How to Optimize Productivity When your Staff are Telecommuting

You can get the most out of your staff when they are telecommuting by using a virtual telephone system. United World Telecom is a leading provider of virtual telephone numbers. Virtual phone numbers eliminate communication gaps between you and your team members and your employees and your customers.

You can assign virtual phone numbers to individual members of staff or to a group of users. With virtual phone numbers, you can also set as many extensions as you need so that customers can connect with the department or employee they need. Extensions also make it easy for you to connect with your team members.

With virtual phone numbers, calls can be routed to the number or numbers of your choice, whether it is your office number, landline, or your employees’ personal cell phone numbers. This is particularly valuable if you have customers overseas who are located in a different time zone. You can make sure your team never misses a call.

No Need for Technical Training

Because virtual phone numbers are easy to use, you can control everything using an online interface – there is no need to pay for technical training for your employees. Your virtual phone number provider takes care of everything else, so you don’t have to purchase expensive software.

Furthermore, when you sign up for your virtual numbers with United World Telecom, you will also have access to a suite of advanced features, which can help to boost your brand and make your company look more professional. These include:

  • Call recording
  • Simultaneous calling
  • Local ringback tones
  • Black and white lists
  • Rollover minutes
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • SMS to email
  • Failover forwarding

Making and receiving calls from a virtual phone number has never been easier.

Other Advantages of Telecommuting Using Virtual Phone Numbers

If you are still not convinced that you can boost your productivity with virtual phone numbers, here are some more benefits for you and your telecommuting team:
Optimal connectivity: Because you are combining bring-your-own-device with intelligent call forwarding, it is possible to make calls from anywhere in the world. It’s virtually impossible to miss or drop a call when you have so many options.

  • Ultimate communication management: Using just your smartphone, you can use features which allow you to process incoming calls from multiple channels. You can also assign call back requests, emails, and missed calls to specific employees.
  • Immediate deployment: Because virtual phone numbers require no dedicated hardware to operate, as soon as you have signed up for them, you are good to go. United World Telecom can help you pick from local or toll free virtual phone numbers.
  • Superior flexibility: All the available features are completely customizable. These include recording a personalized greeting, routing patterns, voice menus, and black and white lists. You can activate and deactivate numbers and features as you see fit.
  • Ultimate control: You can tend to all your virtual phone number communications using United World Telecom’s online dashboard. The interface documents every activity that’s going on within the virtual phone system, including all incoming and outgoing calls, even missed calls, voicemails, faxes, SMS activity, and internal interactions. You have all these metrics at your fingertips. You can also record any or all incoming and outgoing calls, which is great for customer support training and resolving customer disputes.
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