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936 Area Code - Phone Number Information, Details, Location, Time Zone
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Texas Local Phone Numbers for Business

If you own a business that relies on outside calling, you may need to call people in Texas. However, if you don’t live in Texas, you may not have a local Texas area code phone number. So, when you call 936 area code phone numbers, it may be challenging to do business with people in this area. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get a phone number with a 936 area code.

Get a Local Phone Number in Texas

Since Texas is a large state as far as geographical size, it requires the use of several area codes. The 936 area code lies in the eastern part of the state. And, it’s nestled between two other area codes to its north and south. The area code covers a span of land that isn’t known for housing any big cities. For example, the biggest of its cities, Conroe, has about 138,000 residents. So, this area code is mainly known for servicing the people of the Nacogdoches-Huntsville area. But, it also is the main area code to some outer regions of Houston’s metropolitan area. Overall, the 936 area code is the home telephone number prefix for 20 different Texas counties. So, it’s easy to imagine that it spans across a wide region of land that’s home to a large number of individuals.

The Area Code’s History

Before the year 2000, the people living in this specific part of Texas were using the same area code as Galveston residents. This area code, 409, is located to the east of the current location of the 936 area code. And, was beginning to run out of available phone numbers by the turn of the 21st century. So, area code 936 was specified as the new area code for this section of Texas. This way, individuals living in this region can utilize their own telephone number prefix without having to compete with the residents of Galveston.

More Details About This Location

The land that this area code services spans across 11,757 square miles. And, it is home to over 5,425,057 individuals. This means that this area code services phone numbers for many of these people. And, that there may be potential customers in this area of the country for your business. As far as when to call people in this area, this part of Texas uses Central Daylight Time. So, it shares the same timezone as other centralized US states like Illinois, Kentucky, and the Dakotas.

936 Area Code
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Reaching People Who Live in This Part of Texas

If your business isn’t anywhere near Texas, calling people who have phone numbers with a 936 area code may be challenging. Most people don’t want to answer calls from an area code they don’t recognize. So, getting a number with the same area code as local residents you’re trying to reach may be a huge asset to business success.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to get area codes in specific areas to target specific audiences. Virtual phone numbers utilize broadband internet to connect to phone lines all across the globe. And, since they utilize the internet, they can be adjusted to utilize any area code you need; even the 936 area code. Plus, they can be completely customizable. For example, rather than long-term commitments, you can purchase the number of minutes you want to use for your virtual phone number. And, you can set up various business phone features you’ll need to manage the business.

Getting a Virtual Phone Number

If you think having a Texas phone number with a 936 area code will help you better serve the people in this area, consider United World Telecom. We are a global leader in virtual phone number services. And, can help to set you up with a business phone line solution that can help you run a business more easily and effectively. To learn more about getting your virtual phone number for business, contact us today.

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