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276 Area Code Bristolo
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Tennessee Local Phone Numbers for Business

Many people with a 276 area code live in Bristol, Tennessee, a city in the southern region of the USA. Businesses looking to increase their audience reach to those living in Bristol, Tennessee may benefit from getting a virtual phone number with the same area code. This way, it’s easier to cultivate an effective business relationship. While also managing to gain the trust of your target audience in this specific area. Before purchasing your own virtual phone number with a 276 area code, find out more about this location, the people living there, and the area code itself. This way, you can call the people living here already understanding what their needs are so you can sell them your goods and services more effectively.

Get a Local Phone Number in Tennessee

Bristol is the largest city that area code 276 services with a population of just over 26,842 people. However, the 276 area code is not known for being a Tennessee area code. Rather, its main purpose is to be the area code for the residents of southwestern Virginia. But, since Bristol is located right on the border of both Virginia and Tennessee, it shares this area code with residents of both Virginia and the surrounding cities of this area.

On the map, the 267 area code covers all of the southernmost area of Virginia on the southwestern side. Technically, there is both a Bristol, Tennessee and a Bristol, Virginia. They’re “sister cities.” However, they’re really just one city, with a dividing line that’s located right in the middle of the main city street. So, those with a phone number starting with a 276 may live in the northern part of Bristol located on the Virginia side, but it’s possible that people with this area code can live on the Tennessee side of Bristol, too.

The History of This Area Code

The history of this area code began in 2001, when the southwestern to northwestern part of Virginia was growing. At the time, the entire area was using the area code 540. But, by 2001, the area needed the ability to offer more phone numbers to the people living there. So, the 276 area code was created to service the southwestern part of Virginia. And, as a result, the city of Bristol, Tennessee was included. Currently, this phone number prefix is the only area code in this location. And, it services cities including Martinsville, Galax, and Norton.

Details About This Area

Overall, area code 276 spans an area of land that’s about 6917.31 square miles. Plus, it is the area code home to a population of over 662,092 people. As far as the time zone of this location, Bristol, Tennessee is on Eastern Daylight Time. Thus, it shares the same time as other US cities in the east. These include cities like New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Charlotte.

276 Area Code Bristol
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Benefits of Living in Bristol, Tennessee

Bristol, TN is a metropolitan area. So, there are lots of things to do if you want to visit or go out for a night on the town as a resident. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment to take advantage of, just like any other American urban area. Plus, with a low crime rate, families don’t have to worry much about going out to enjoy themselves and running into any trouble. Furthermore, those who plan on moving to this part of the country can benefit from a relatively affordable cost of living. In the Bristol area, the median (one person) income is $21,859 a year (average US annual income is $28,555). But, with the average home costing only $113,500, it’s pretty affordable when you do the math.

Cons of Living in Bristol, Tennessee

Certainly, there is more good than bad about Bristol, Tennessee. But, it’s important to note the cons as well as the benefits of this city. First and foremost, many people living in the area say that finding and holding down a job is hard. This is even the case for those who have a college degree. Furthermore, the unemployment rate in this city is close to the national average at 3.8% (national average is 3.9%). Lastly, the sales tax rate in Bristol is a bit high. The rate is a hefty 9.3% (national average at 7.3%). Thus, making purchases a bit more costly than in other parts of the U.S.

Doing Business in Bristol with Virtual Phone Numbers

Reach more Bristol residents through your remote business with a Tennessee phone number that has a 276 area code. To get a business phone number with a different area code than where you live, purchase a virtual phone number from United World Telecom. These phone numbers can do all that traditional phone numbers can and so much more! To get started with your new business numbers and reach more potential clients, contact us today.

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