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Worldwide Call Forwarding

Whether you travel for business often, own a company that requires your employees travel abroad, or simply enjoy traveling across borders for leisure, the ability to make and receive calls when traveling internationally can have its challenges. With these challenges, comes the possibility of missing important calls. Making use of a worldwide call forwarding feature in conjunction with your phone plan can easily resolve this and provide a simple way to ensure important calls are not missed.

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For someone who owns a business, understanding the importance of maintaining a budget and consistently looking at ways to reduce expenses is imperative. Technological advances have given all of us a plethora of options to explore for our communication needs. One of the advances that offers us more flexibility, as well as cost-savings in making and receiving international calls is worldwide call forwarding. This allows you to communicate with a virtual phone number or multiple virtual phone numbers linked to your number of choice.

Using Virtual Numbers for Business

Purchasing virtual phone numbers and enhancing the use of the virtual phone number by attaching a worldwide call forwarding feature can literally be life-changing for a business. The amount of cost savings can deeply affect the bottom line, allowing a business to then invest those dollars saved in other areas of the business. Virtual phone numbers with worldwide call forwarding allow a business owner and the employees of the company to give out a number, through a business card or other marketing materials, and be free of the need to stay in one physical location in order to respond to calls made to that number. That is the epitome of freedom and flexibility. For example, a manager for the company may have to travel to various sites in various locations. Some of these sites may be in another country. In order for that manager to not miss any calls, the worldwide call forwarding feature can be put in place and calls made to that manager’s phone number will be redirected to any mobile or landline number of that manager’s choosing, ensuring they do not miss a single important call.

Worldwide Call Forwarding from United World Telecom

United World Telecom recognizes the value of one’s time and money and wants to ensure that those who travel for both business and personal reasons have the best global communications solutions at their fingertips. With multiple decades of experience in offering global communications products to its clients, United World Telecom’s team of professionals is well-versed and equipped to assist all customers towards the best plan for their individual needs. Through United World Telecom, virtual phone numbers and the worldwide call forwarding feature are used in over 150 countries.

Any business should strive to provide avenues through which their client and/ or customer base is able to communicate with them easily and efficiently. Whether a company wishes to offer a local phone number or a toll free number, United World Telecom offers virtual phone numbers and many features to compliment your company’s goals with regard to your communication systems.

With an increasingly competitive business market and many companies opting to expand globally, the use of virtual phone numbers with the worldwide call forwarding feature offers a solution that is very beneficial on many levels. In addition to the aforementioned cost savings and flexibility give to business owners, savings are extended to the customers when a company offers a local or toll free number that they can use to make calls to the company and not incur charges for the calls. So, whether the company is based in Australia and is marketing to China, or the company is based in the United States and wishes to market to areas in Spain, virtual phone numbers can be set up as either local numbers or toll free numbers and the customers have the ability to make a cost-free call to the company.

It is easy to see why the combination of virtual phone numbers and worldwide call forwarding are the preferred choice for many. Call the team of global communications specialists at United World Telecom today, to discuss your individual international calling needs.