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Outbound Calling Service: Healthcare Businesses

Good customer relationships are important for any business. More specifically, customer and prospect engagement is necessary to keep a business afloat. This is where outbound calling comes into play. Use this service to improve your sales outreach as well as retain valuable customers by providing proactive service.

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What is an Outbound Calling Service?

An outbound calling service is a communication service that supports and boosts your outbound calling efforts. More specifically, it helps you make more outgoing or outbound calls through an internet connection to local and international clientele. Furthermore, you can display a custom outgoing caller ID to match the location you are calling.

As such, you can use this service from any location and through any device. Most businesses make outbound calls for a variety of reasons such as:
  • Sales and lead generation
  • Scoping the market
  • Connecting with online and social media visitors
  • Providing proactive customer service
  • Improving customer retention rates

United World Telecom’s outbound calling software gives you the tools you need to quickly and confidently reach out to prospects and customers.
By doing so, you can bring new customers to your business while also retaining loyal ones.

Healthcare Businesses that Make Outbound Calls

As a healthcare business, you are in constant touch with customers, patients, clients, vendors, trial participants, and so on. Some healthcare businesses that can use an outbound calling service are:
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  • Clinics, private practices, primary care
  • Hospitals, urgent care
  • Therapy and rehab centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical supply sales
  • Insurance and claim management
  • Dental practices
  • Care facilities
  • Research centers

With outbound calling, the above businesses can easily connect with local and international customers, vendors, etc. After all, these outbound calls bring business to your company.

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Why Should Your Healthcare Service Make Outbound Calls?

As a healthcare business or medical service, you will need to connect with customers or vendors for a variety of reasons. So, how can your healthcare business use outbound calling?

  • Schedule virtual or in-person appointments
  • Send out reminders for upcoming appointments, renewals, payments
  • Screen clinical trial applicants
  • Conduct research
  • Maintain communication between doctors, labs, patients, pharmacies, and supply vendors
  • Manage insurance claims
  • Collect feedback, and so on

Your business can use various strategies to enhance your outbound calls and improve communications. These strategies can help you develop stronger relationships with your customers and vendors. And such relationships will keep your business booming and growing. Learn how to improve your outbound calling strategy to strengthen business relationships.

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Where Can I Get Outbound Calling?

You can easily sign up for United World Telecom’s outbound calling by following these steps:
  1. Sign up for virtual numbers on our homepage.
  2. Choose from local, international, toll free, and UTFN numbers.
  3. Add “Outbound Calling” and “Call Recording” to your plan.
  4. Activate these numbers. You can add more later.
  5. Customize your Caller ID from the control panel .
  6. Install our web dialer and start making calls!
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Essential Outbound Calling Tools

United World Telecom offers an outbound calling service along with custom caller ID capabilities. You can use this service to connect with long-distance and international recipients without paying expensive calling rates.

For instance, if you have an international vendor or work with a lab in a different state, use the customizable caller ID to display a local number or toll free number when making these calls. And individuals returning the call will be dialing that local or toll free number instead of an international or unknown number.

You can also install our web dialer on any device to quickly make and answer calls, check voicemail, store contact information about a lead or call, and more! Additionally, you can add outbound call recording and record outgoing calls for quality assurance, protection from liabilities, and more.

All Plans Include

  • advanced ivr IVR/Auto Attendant
  • call recording Cloud Call Recording
  • voicemail Virtual Voicemail
  • unlimited extensions Call Flow Designer
  • time of day Time of Day Routing
  • country forwarding Geographic Routing
  • simultaneous ringing Simultaneous Ringing
  • sequential forwarding Sequential Routing
  • account management Outbound Calling
  • country forwarding Outbound Caller ID
  • account management Number Masking
  • failover forwarding Failover Routing
  • enterprise api Call Blocking
  • local ringback Local Ringback Tone
  • fax to email Fax to Email
  • greeting Rollover Minutes

Strengthen Relationships with
Outbound Calling!

It is important for healthcare businesses to maintain good relationships and communication with their customers, patients, vendors, and so on. And an outbound calling service can help with this. Contact us to learn more or to sign up today!
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