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Call Center BPO: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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Wondering if outsourcing your communication processes to a BPO is the way to go? Learn how a BPO in a call center works and what the advantages of using a BPO for your business communication needs may entail.

What is BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)?

Businesses often choose to outsource communication-related services to a BPO in a call center. In other words, these businesses hire a third-party organization to handle business processes like customer service, sales, marketing, and so on.

BPOs are call centers that take on a company’s business processes so as to ease the various burdens they may face. Companies have used such services for years as a way to reduce communication-related and hiring costs.

What Services Does a BPO Call Center Offer?

A call center BPO offers a variety of communication-related services including:

1. Lead generation and sales calls: Agents make calls based on lists of predetermined prospects and leads. They track leads, qualify them as valid leads, make sales pitches, and follow-up with interested customers. The goal is to increase sales for their business clients.

2. Market research-related services: This includes agents trained in marketing services who interact with potential customers and target demographics to understand the customer base better. The goal is to identify customer needs, expectations, and preferences so that the business client can serve these customers better.

3. Customer success and interaction services: Customer success focuses on proactively taking care of existing customers, welcoming new customers, making follow-up appointments, collecting feedback, checking in on customers, and more.

4. Customer service and technical support: Customer service reps answer calls and offer assistance regarding products and services, as well as IT, technical, and troubleshooting help to customers.

Benefits of Using a BPO in a Call Center

From small businesses to large corporations, all types of businesses can take advantage of BPOs and call center outsourcing services to boost their customer support and sales endeavors. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing:

1. Cost-savings:
By utilizing a BPO in a call center, you can reduce costs that would otherwise be spent on running in-house customer service and sales teams. Additionally, you do not have to spend additional capital on call center software and equipment, and its maintenance.

2. More advanced call management tools:
Contact centers are equipped with all the right tools and advanced technology to handle large call volumes effectively. Common features include:

    • International call forwarding
    • Call routing strategies: time-based, location-based, skill-based, and more
    • Call recording: inbound and outbound
    • Advanced IVR
    • Outbound calling with customizable caller ID capabilities
    • Call center reports and analytics
    • And more

These services boast better call management to ensure calls don’t go unanswered and callers are served efficiently.

3. Low staffing requirements:
Since your BPO takes care of hiring and training reps, your business does not have to worry about training agents and evaluating performance on a regular basis. This can further save you money and time, which can then be spent on marketing services and product development.

4. Offer reliable, accessible, and around the clock customer support:
Some call centers tend to have multiple geographic centers and cater to international business needs. Because of this, your business can provide around the clock sales and customer support to your customer base in different regions and time zones. This way, your business is always reachable, increasing customer satisfaction.

Is Call Center Outsourcing the Right Option for You?

Deciding whether you need to outsource your communication needs depends on the size of your business and pocket. Consider what your business needs to improve sales and customer service. Can your budget handle in-house call center software? To learn more about cloud call center software, speak with our experts at 1 (877) 898 8646 today!

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