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How Virtual Calling Cards Work

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For those who travel often, having a method for making international calls at reasonable rates is important. Having a high-quality connection is also important for those making the calls to conduct business or to stay in touch with family and friends throughout the world. Virtual calling cards have long been in use for making these types of calls and saving money, while learning how virtual calling cards work has resulted in great savings for many international callers.

A virtual calling card service allows you to make international calls by providing you with access to the network of the servicers through toll free and non-toll free numbers throughout the world. In order to place an international call using a virtual calling card, there are several steps to follow.

Here is how virtual calling cards work:

  • The caller dials the access number that corresponds with the country they are calling from.
  • The caller then typically dials a 10-digit PIN number that has been provided to them.
  • The person making the call can then dial the destination number and be connected to the person they are calling.

As you can see, the steps involved in how virtual calling cards work are pretty straightforward. After learning about how virtual calling cards work, many reap the benefits, which include cost-savings, but the advantages extend beyond cost savings.

The advantages to figuring out how virtual calling cards work include:

  • The ability to make a direct international call at comparably low rates
  • High-quality connections
  • Additional features that are not available with the average prepaid calling card
  • Additional flexibility over traditional international calling cards as calls can be made to locations anywhere in the world

Though learning how virtual calling cards work has been the solution to turn to for many international callers, there are other options. United World Telecom now offers an Outbound Calling service as a simple-to-use alternative to International Calling Card services. Outbound calling services are for those who travel and have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data while traveling, which can connect the customer’s mobile phone to the United World Telecom network through VoIP and allow the caller to make international calls at low rates.

Outbound calls can be made via an app on a smartphone (also referred to as a softphone app), through a computer, or through a local access number. A local access number is a number that the caller can dial locally and then the caller is prompted to dial the international number they would like to reach and the system connects the caller to the person they are trying to reach.

For many business owners, making international calls is an absolute necessity to communicate with vendors, manufacturers, and customers. For those who travel a lot for business, international calls are their only means for staying in touch with loved ones. Others may live in different countries from some of their family members and rely on international calls frequently, in order to stay in touch. United World Telecom’s outbound calling service is the perfect solution for making international calls at a discounted rate.

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United World Telecom has been providing clear and easy-to-use communication solutions that result in great savings for personal and business use for decades. United World Telecom also offers other services and features, which include:

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