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Cloud Phone Service

UWT offers cloud phone service

Cloud phone service is becoming one of the most sought-after tools that businesses are adopting to maximize their business potential worldwide. If you are looking to learn more about phone service over the cloud, the benefits of using it for your business, and how to start using it in your daily operations, read on about the services available from United World Telecom.

What is Cloud Phone Service?

Phone service via the cloud is a type of telecommunications service that utilizes cloud computing to transmit phone calls through the Internet. In the process, server usage is hosted by a 3rd party (United World Telecom). Cloud computing provides the framework in which voice data is transmitted between two parties (through VoIP and other protocols), while also granting a wide variety of applications to facilitate digital voice communication.

One primary application of cloud phone service is the ability to utilize virtual phone numbers to open up communication to nearly any country around the world. United World Telecom offers virtual phone numbers in over 140 countries worldwide, enabling callers in one country to instantly connect with others elsewhere while maintaining high-quality service, zero latency issues, and endless options for routing capabilities.

Now that you’re aware of what cloud-based phone service is, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that come with using it in your daily operations.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone Communication?

Cloud-based communication gives your business more control when it comes to how calls are processed and routed. For instance, “Time of Day Routing” reroutes calls made to your business during peak usage times and outside operating hours. This ensures that all calls are handled no matter what time the call is placed. Then there’s the option of whitelisting and blacklisting, which can limit calls made to particular numbers to ensure that only priority calls get through. Other add-ons like simultaneous ringing and failover forwarding similarly route calls based on your specifications.

Cloud communication isn’t limited to just local phone numbers. Toll free numbers, DID numbers, ITFS numbers, UIFNs, and more are available to enhance how your business presents itself professionally.

Instant access to foreign markets is also a popular reason that many businesses use cloud phone service. In the past, it was necessary for businesses to shell out large amounts of capital and resources to gain a foothold in foreign markets, even for those located in other regions, states, provinces, or metropolitan areas. Now, with the immediacy of cloud-based phone service, your business can utilize virtual offices and virtual locations to meet the demands of your customers without the need for a brick & mortar location.

With many telecommunications options available for business, the ease of use for cloud service makes it a smart choice that’s easy to adapt for any business model. Because any device that has audio capabilities can be used with cloud-based phone services, pre-existing hardware can be used without having to upgrade your equipment to accommodate this versatile technology. Moreover, United World Telecom’s cloud virtual phone service is made possible with an intuitive interface that requires little training to begin using effectively.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the many benefits that come with cloud-based phone lines, let’s go through the process of subscribing with United World Telecom Forwarding.

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How to Get Cloud-Based Phone Services for Your Business and Personal Usage

The easiest way to get started with high-performing cloud-based communication services is by subscribing with United World Telecomg. As a trusted and versatile service provider, United World Telecom has been providing business solutions for over two decades to organizations and individuals that are looking to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.
You can start at United World Telecom’s homepage ( At the top of the screen when the page completely loads, you’ll notice a number of dropdown menus to choose from. Beneath the first heading, Select Your New Phone Number, you will first select the country of your cloud phone number. Next, you’ll select the type of phone number you want. After that, you will either be given a choice of available phone numbers to choose from or you will be provided one upon activation.

Next, you’ll enter in your destination phone number. This requires selecting a country code from the first dropdown menu, then entering in the remaining digits of the phone number where calls will ultimately be routed to and from. Once entered, click “View Rates & Try for Free” to proceed.

Now you’ll be presented with a list of payment plans for different levels of usage. Then, you will select add-ons (call recording, outbound calling, et al) to enhance your cloud phone number.

From this point of the subscription process on, you’ll enter in your contact info, review and agree to the Terms & Conditions, enter in your billing/payment information, and review your purchase. Once submitted, a customer service agent will contact you shortly to help you set up your cloud phone service for immediate usage.