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Talkroute: Pricing, Reviews & Alternatives

In the market for a new provider for your office’s phone system? It is important to find one that can handle your call volume as well as provide additional tools to boost caller experience. A virtual phone service provider offering high call quality and call distribution capabilities can help you organize and control business calls. Let’s look at Talkroute pricing, reviews, and top alternatives.

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Talkroute Pricing

Talkroute United World Telecom
Lowest plan $19 / month per user $12.95 / month
Number of plans available 4 5
Free Trial Yes Yes
Important Features Offered
Call Forwarding
Rollover Minutes
Voice to Email
SMS to Email
Customizable Caller ID
Outbound Calling
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
Simultaneous Ringing
Sequential Forwarding
Call Distribution
Custom Greetings
Call Recording
Black & White Lists
Call Logs & Activity
Reports and Analytics
Number Parking
Multichannel Customer Support
Account Management

Plans and Pricing

Basic Plus Pro Enterprise
$19/month $39/month $59/month $99/month
United World Telecom
Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
$12.95/month $23.95/month $78.95/month $158.95/month $248.95/month

Business Numbers of All Kinds Are Available

Most virtual phone service providers are able to offer a variety of business phone numbers that work for businesses of any kind. For example, if you run a large corporation or a customer service company, you may want a toll free number to encourage clients to call you for free. On the other hand, if you are a small business owner with remote offices, you may need local numbers for different locations. Additionally, a solopreneur or freelancer may need a number besides their personal one to separate work and business calls. For these reasons, a good phone service provider should be able to provide a variety of numbers.

Both Talkroute and United World Telecom present you with this range of options to help you build your business communication system. United World Telecom has toll free, local, international, and universal toll free (UIFN) numbers. In fact, United World Telecom offers numbers in more than 160 countries. Talkroute, on the other hand, has numbers for the U.S. and Canada only, which is a disadvantage when compared to Talkroute alternatives. But Talkroute does offer toll free, 800, and local numbers.

Additionally, you can purchase vanity numbers from both companies. You can personalize your number by inserting letters or patterns to make them more attractive and memorable. Such numbers can boost your marketing efforts because they are significantly different from ordinary phone numbers.

Call Distribution: A Necessity For Businesses With Large Call Volumes

Another aspect to note is that both providers extend different options to manage incoming and outgoing calls. You can have incoming calls ring simultaneously on different phones or set rules to direct calls to certain offices during specific times of the day. With United World Telecom, you can accumulate unused calling minutes and use them the next month. When picking a service provider, make sure to choose one that can help you arrange and manage calls in a way that supports your employees and the business.

Talkroute Reviews and Alternatives

The way your business communicates internally and externally will determine its productivity. Conversations that are missed, dropped, or cause misunderstandings can bring your overall sales down. You want to make sure your representatives are always available to callers and that call quality is at its best. And a good phone service provider can boost customer service. So, take the time to research, test, and decide! Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your company.