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Why Your Current Phone Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Why Your Current Phone Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

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So, you’ve managed to set up a foolproof phone marketing campaign. The lines are open, your staff is waiting, and the only thing to do is wait for the calls to roll in.

The only problem is that it is not working. Why?

Phone Marketing for your Business

In this article, we’ll cover why your current phone marketing strategy isn’t working and how to fix it. We will cover the following points:

  • Employees do not have proper training and equipment
  • Your offers aren’t compelling enough
  • Customers can’t (and won’t) reach you
  • Embracing automation as the future of marketing

Employees Are Not Properly Trained and Equipped

Sometimes, your organization’s successes and failures come down to how experienced your staff is at phone marketing. Whether you’re making outbound cold calls or processing inbound ones, if things aren’t working, it may mean your employees aren’t up to snuff.

Most notably, there is no single reason for poorly-performing employees. Some people just aren’t suited for over-the-phone marketing. Perhaps they may have introverted qualities that make them more suited to “back of the house” operations. Additionally, others need commission-based incentives to make a real effort.

Along these lines, there’s also the failure fn the organization to take responsibility for how their staff performs. For instance, some organizations don’t take the time to bring their employees up to speed and ensure that they know how to use their devices. Luckily, United World Telecom’s virtual phone services work with any audio and Internet-equipped devices to communicate with leads. This means that your employees can use their own devices (if permitted), as this is what they’re most familiar with. This makes cell phone marketing a possibility for both staff on your premises and those working remotely. Employees are thus more comfortable and better able to communicate.

Why Your Current Phone Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working
Source: Lic#163072464 ID#206387476

Your Offers Aren’t Compelling Enough

Cell phone marketing captures a waiting audience that is accessible around the clock. Considering most people have a smartphone within reach, you just need to create a compelling offer that motivates them to make a move. In other words, you must be compelling.

United World Telecom offers a variety of ways to get the attention you deserve. One way is by using vanity numbers as a way of garnering attention. Simply put, a vanity number is a phone number with a visually-appealing and memorable series of digits. Tying this into your phone marketing campaigns (such as billboard advertisements, radio ads, and more), customers will remember your brand AND how to contact your business (which is certainly a win-win).

Customers Can’t (and Won’t) Reach You

You may have the most carefully crafted marketing campaign, but it is useless if customers can’t reach you. Thanks to United World Telecom, your customers can reach you no matter where in the world they’re calling from. Virtual phone numbers can be purchased in various target markets, which means:

  • No long-distance fees
  • No service blockages by a foreign network provider
  • Ease of localization efforts

How You Can Make Improvements in Phone Marketing

The last point is crucial, as customers don’t want to reach out to a business in another country versus one that is perceived as doing business domestically. By subscribing to an Ireland Virtual Phone Number, for instance, you can penetrate Irish markets and open up lines of communication that would otherwise be ignored.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Let’s be honest: people can be lazy. In order to reach customers, you have to streamline how customers can take in your advertising and then take action. CallMe Click is one such add-on from United World Telecom that translates from a passive experience to an active, motivated one. By equipping your website and advertising material with CallMe Click, it only takes a tap of the screen or a click of the mouse to convert on your marketing campaigns.

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In conclusion, United World Telecom offers a wide variety of methods to enhance your marketing strategies. By using these methods and many more, your marketing dollars can convert directly into increased revenue.

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