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Telephone Numbers for Business

These days many small companies are turning to virtual telephone numbers for business. The reasons why are clear:

  • They can save your company money.
  • They are convenient and portable.
  • They allow your company to provide flexibility.
  • They can allow your staff to work remotely.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to virtual telephone numbers for business.

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Can I keep my current telephone number?

Many companies who provide virtual telephone numbers for business allow you to port your existing number. The provider will be able to tell you if this is possible. If your number is transferable, it will usually only take a few minutes. If for some reason, the process should take longer, the provider will usually offer a temporary number for you to use in the meantime.

What are the available types of virtual telephone numbers for business?

When you choose a provider such as United World Telecom, you will have access to toll free and local numbers throughout the United States. In more than 140 other countries you will have access to international toll free numbers, local toll free numbers, shared-cost toll numbers, mobile accessible toll free numbers, and SMS capable numbers.

Are U.S. toll free numbers accessible from other parts of the world?

Because U.S. toll free numbers are assigned to the United States, they are typically not accessible from other parts of the world. However, U.S. toll free numbers can be accessed from Canada and vise versa.

Can I get a vanity telephone number for my business?

Many vanity numbers are still available. The service provider will help you find one to suit your business and industry. Some examples include 1-800-JUNK-NO, 1-800-44-STORE, and 1-800-VIRUS-NO.

Will the caller know I am not located in their area?

You can avoid this by subscribing to your numbers from United World Telecom. With their services, you can choose local ringback tones. This means that the caller will hear the ringback tone they are used to hearing when they make a local call. For example, if you are using a virtual phone number in the U.K. and you will be having your calls routed to the U.S., then you can opt to have your callers hear a U.K. ringback tone. There is no extra charge for this service.

How does international call forwarding work?

Typically, international call forwarding services work by receiving calls from originating virtual telephone numbers and rerouting these numbers to the destination phone of your choice. You may also have calls redirected to multiple numbers simultaneously or in sequence.

Can I keep a record of all the calls made to my number?

The provider of your telephone numbers for business will give you access to your personal online console from which you can manage your account and all your virtual numbers.

From the console, you will also be able to access a full list of calls to each of your numbers. The details of your calls will be logged as soon as each call has been completed.

Can I forward calls to more than one telephone number for business?

United World Telecom allows you several options for forwarding calls to more than one number. You can have calls routed to multiple numbers simultaneously, sequentially, at specific times of the day, or with more specific rules. You can control all of these options at any time using your online console.

How many virtual telephone numbers for business can I have at one time?

With United World Telecom, there is no limit to the number of virtual numbers you can have on your account. Some small businesses only require one or two, while some global enterprises may have thousands, to cover each location and department of their company.

How long has United World Telecom been providing telephone numbers for business?

United World Telecom and their daughter company Global Call Forwarding have been providing telecommunication services to small and large businesses worldwide for more than two decades. United World Telecom offers international toll free and local numbers in more than 140 countries. Their network is operated using a fully redundant system, so you will not have to worry about dropped calls or network outages.

When you port your number to or subscribe to numbers from United World Telecom, you will also have the benefit of many other additional features like voicemail to email, call recording, fax to email, simultaneous and sequential ringing, local ringback tones, call transfer, and time of day routing. You will not have to sign a long-term contract, nor will you be subject to hidden fees.

Check out United World Telecom’s website today or give their team a call. They will answer all your questions about telephone numbers for business and help you find one or more that are perfect for your company.