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Sales Management: Business Phone Systems for Enterprises

Sales Management Business Phone Systems

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With blossoming technologies, business phone systems have been changing over the years. If you’ve recently started a sales business or you want to utilize better phone capabilities, researching various types of business phone lines is important. This way, you can select a phone system that’s great for your clientele, while also allowing your sales team to operate better. Thus, increasing efficiency and sales closings. In this article, we weigh the differences in the various phone systems you have to choose from for your sales business. And, offer the information you need to select the type of phone system that’s best for your sales management objectives.

Multiple Phone Line Systems for a Sales Business

If you tried to do sales on a typical phone line, you’d eventually end up with a situation in which more than one person needs to use the phone. Or, more than one customer dials in at once. If you don’t want to miss important sales leads or you want to have your employees dial sales leads at the same time, you’ll need multiple lines. A multiple phone line system is just that, a system that offers multiple lines routed to the same number.

These systems allow outside numbers to dial into one main phone that’s connected to multiple other lines. This allows for the capability to transfer calls to various phones. It also allows business employees to communicate with each other effectively.

VoIP Phone Systems for a Sales Business

Rather than traditional phone lines, the VoIP phone system uses internet connection to send telephone calls. This translates to many specific benefits like ease of setup, customized and cutting-edge features, and even better pricing. Furthermore, VoIP systems allow for the introduction of tollfree business numbers. This gives your sales business a way to create a branded, more memorable number associated with your industry. For example, if you manage a team that sells garage doors, you could choose a toll free number like, 1-800-GAR-AGES.

Sales Management Business Phone Systems
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Further Functionality for Sales Teams

Additionally, VoIP systems allow you to choose extension numbers for each of your sales employees. This way, they can give out their individual business numbers so they can stay connected with sales leads to increase the likelihood of closing.

As a part of sales management, you’re likely to utilize CRM systems that allow you to document clientele. One of the advanced features of a VoIP system is that it can connect with software systems, including CRMs. So, if you think that this type of business phone system is the best for your company, make sure to choose one that integrates with your current business software like your CRM.

Due to its customizable features and adaptability, VoIP systems are a great option for sales-driven businesses. And, they can definitely help in your sales management efforts by keeping things organized and your calling customers satisfied.

PBX Phone Systems for Sales Businesses

PBX, or private branch exchange, is a type of business phone system that offers a way to have a private phone line for business. It allows for customizable features of other advanced phone systems like call forwarding, voicemail, routing, and conference calls. However, it does differ from your standard multiple line system. This is because it doesn’t route directly to your phone unit, but can do so through a cloud (internet storage) or another VoIP system. Most people choose PBX systems because they provide more functionality than a multiple phone system but aren’t as expensive as other options. Again, if you have a smaller business, this may be a good option for your sales team. But, if you need advanced features and can live with the functionality of a standard multiple phone line system, this may be a good choice for your business.

Get Your Business Phone Numbers Through United World Telecom

No matter what types of business phone line systems you consider for better sales management, you’ll need to have a business phone number to go with that system. Whether you need a local number, toll free number, or a vanity phone number, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about setting up your new business phone number!

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