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United States Virtual Phone Numbers

united states virtual phone numbers
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If you’re looking to get in touch with businesses and customers located in the United States, the most versatile way to do so is by using United States virtual phone numbers. In this article, we’ll look at what United States virtual phone numbers are and how to get them from United World Telecom.

What are United States Virtual Phone Numbers?

To understand what United States virtual phone numbers are, it’s important to first understand what virtual phone numbers are and how they generally work.

Virtual phone numbers are a form of modern telecom communication that uses the Internet — including the cloud and VoIP — to put callers in touch with one another. Because the Internet is the primary technology (versus traditional wiring and other methods), calls can be put through instantaneously and regardless of where either party is located. United States virtual phone numbers work the same way, allowing you to operate a business outside of the U.S. to get in touch with U.S. citizens and businesses. Or, if you live in another region of the United States, you can subscribe to a United States virtual phone number in your desired target market.

Virtual phone numbers have a number of benefits that are included. Virtual phone numbers can enable your business to get in touch with individuals in other countries, so if you want to gain the authenticity of an American business, United States virtual phone numbers are the solution.

There is also a wide variety of types of United States virtual phone numbers to choose from. For instance, you may want to extend your toll free service with United States toll free numbers. Or, your organization’s marketing efforts can gain a better brand presence with a United States vanity phone number. You can also target specific cities and regions of the United States with virtual phone numbers — even having the ability to choose different prefixes based on metropolitan areas (i.e. Los Angeles, New York).

And last but not least, the ease of business expansion with United States virtual phone numbers allows your international business to circumvent the obstacles of setting up a physical presence within the U.S. While the United States is known to be relatively easy to do business with, there still is the question of setting up an office or branch office, filing the required documents, hiring staff, paying the requisite licensing fees — and this is even before generating a single profit.

How to Get United States Virtual Phone Numbers

If you’re ready to get a United States virtual phone number, the first step is to navigate to United World Telcom’s home page at There, you’ll find a selection of types of services that United World Telecom offers. For this demonstration, click on Local Numbers. You’ll then be redirected to another webpage where you’ll find two categories of dropdown menus:

  • Select Your New Phone Number
  • Enter Your Destination Phone Number

Starting with Select Your New Phone Number, you’ll first enter the country of your virtual phone number, which is, in this case United States virtual phone numbers (“United States: (+1)”). Next, you’ll select which type of United States virtual phone number suits your needs:

Toll Free

Mobile (SMS Optional), which includes:

  1. District of Columbia (202)
  2. Georgia (404)
  3. Massachusetts (617)
  4. New Jersey (201)
  5. New York (917)
  6. Pennsylvania (215)
  7. Georgia (470)
  8. Pennsylvania (484)
  9. California (760)
  10. South Carolina (803)
  11. Virginia (804)

Geographic (including all 50 U.S. states)

  1. When you click on the desired state, another dropdown menu will appear that lists particular cities to choose from with corresponding prefixes.
  2. Next, you’ll choose a virtual phone number from the list of available numbers. For some types of phone numbers and specific regions, a United States virtual phone number will be provided upon activation.
  3. In the next category, Enter Your Destination Phone Number, you’ll want to enter your country code and then the remaining digits to the destination phone number where your virtual phone number will be routed to. After that, select “View Rates & Free Trial.”

You’ll be prompted with a selection of payment plans to choose from, as well as features and add-ons to augment your United States virtual phone number (i.e. call recording). After that, the process is fairly straightforward, as you’ll enter your contact information, billing information, payment information, and then a last review of your order. It should be noted that during the reviewing process, you can add more virtual phone numbers to your order. After you’ve verified your order, you can read the terms and conditions and then submit your order. That’s it, within 24 hours or less, a representative will contact you and you’ll be able to use your United States virtual phone numbers immediately.