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Toll Free Forwarding Service
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Toll Free Forwarding

The use of toll free numbers is widely known and adopted. Toll free forwarding, on the other hand, may be less widely known, though the benefits of toll free forwarding are vast. For any business looking to keep up with and hopefully outshine the competition, building a virtual presence is a must, and expanding to global markets is almost completely unavoidable in most sectors.

It is not practical to expect a business to be able to open a brick and mortar shop and/ or establish a physical location in every target country in which they want to have a presence throughout the world. This is where toll free forwarding plays an instrumental role in allowing businesses to establish themselves in target nations without physically being located in those countries of choice.

Toll Free Forwarding for Businesses

United World Telecom offers an alternative to the astronomical costs involved in opening a physical location in every target market a business wishes to operate within across the globe. The solution is in toll free forwarding. Calls made to a virtual toll free phone number are forwarded to a phone number selected by the business owners. For example, your company can be based in Miami, Florida and offer a toll free number to a target market in Germany, where callers that make calls through the toll free number from Germany will have their calls rerouted to a customer service center in Miami, Florida. The caller will have no knowledge of where the end location is, however, as far as they know, they are still making a toll free call.

The use of toll free forwarding facilitates great savings while allowing a company to establish themselves in a new market.

United World Telecom offers a number of plans to select from, based on the individual company size and needs. Toll free forwarding plans offered by United World Telecom are also modifiable. That is, United World Telecom recognizes and supports the fact that the needs of growing businesses are ever-changing and for that reason, the business owner is not locked into a specific plan and can make modifications to accommodate the business’ needs.

The offering of a toll free number alone is a huge asset to a business that wants to make clear to its target customers and clients that communication is important and they want to be accessible. Toll free forwarding has been tested and has proven to help improve sales in both national and international markets. It helps to establish a form of communication for customers, clients, vendors, manufacturers and all other business-related contacts.

Toll Free Forwarding Numbers
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The Many Benefits of Toll Free Forwarding

The benefits exceed the ones mentioned above. Toll free forwarding has also been proven to be an asset in the outlining of a company’s marketing strategy. Toll free phone numbers make it clear that your company is easy to reach. Greater accessibility translates into a higher number of sales.

United World Telecom also offers a plethora of features to compliment your toll free forwarding service. A number of features offered can be combined to best meet the needs of your business. Some of those features include voicemail that can be customized, the option to have voicemail messages forwarded directly to your email, customization for times of the day when calls are forwarded to different numbers in different time zones, and much more. United World Telecom also offers the ability to have your unused minutes rolled over for use in the following month(s).

The use of toll free forwarding adds an undeniable value to your business. Toll free forwarding offers you the opportunity to grow your business exponentially, establishing your brand in a variety of target markets across the world, without having to incur the expenses involved in finding a physical location, paying rent, and hiring new staff in a foreign location. These are just some of the actual monetary costs involved in establishing a physical location in a foreign market. Other points to consider when expanding a business to a foreign market include research into the laws and processes involved in operating a business in the market, learning about local customs and hiring processes, and dealing with any possible language barriers.

Toll Free Forwarding: A Flexible Solution for Today’s Businesses

Today’s market calls for businesses to think outside of the box, reach beyond borders, and compete in the global market. In the past, this could appear as a completely unattainable goal for many small and mid-sized businesses. Even for large businesses, stretching budgets in order to establish a physical location in a foreign market could be a difficult feat. Toll free forwarding eliminates all of the challenges involved in trying to establish a physical presence in a foreign market and allows companies of all sizes to reach across borders and take advantage of the many potential benefits involved in operating on an international scale.

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With Toll Free Forwarding, calls made to your business’ virtual number can be routed to any location and device, locally and internationally. This means your business can offer sales and customer support internationally.

Toll Free Forwarding works with a local or international virtual number and transmits calls made to that number over the internet to another line, device, SIP phone, or PBX system around the world.

Toll Free Forwarding helps your business enter international markets without needing to be physically present there or open field offices.

You can purchase and activate Toll Free Forwarding with any virtual number from United World Telecom. Sign up or call us to learn more!

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