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One look at the current business landscape allows you to notice that competition is fierce, marketing is extremely important, and communication systems are a critical marketing tool. Direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs) are virtual numbers that permit you to route calls to your existing phone lines. The benefits of DID numbers stretch from the largest of businesses to the smallest of startups. After all, offering a direct virtual phone number for your business gives a business owner an edge over the competition. When competing in the global marketplace, whether in Australia or many other parts of the world, staying in touch with one’s market is key.

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Brief History of DID Numbers

DIDs were established to be able to assign a direct number to some staff members within a business, without requiring additional physical phone lines for each of the additional direct phone numbers. A single DID number is able to route and also process many simultaneous calls to the intended extensions. With a DID number, a company can have calls routed to an unlimited number of extensions, while only having to have one DID number. You can see how this would be advantageous for a business, as the business is able to use one DID number to properly route all of their incoming calls. This makes DID numbers an excellent tool for marketing purposes.

DID numbers present themselves as a normal phone line, but they are really a service that automatically forwards callers who dial that particular DID number to a VoIP device, landline, or mobile number in a different location. This means that even if a company has a dialing code in a specific geographic location, they may, in reality, be receiving calls made to that number in a completely different location.

The benefits of DID numbers are as follows:

  • Calls go through at a faster pace and callers feel they are getting through directly to a person rather than a company
  • A business is able to establish a presence in any location in the world without having to physically be located there
  • Businesses with multiple international locations can cut costs by using a DID number
  • You can use a DID number for live voice connections, voicemail, or even fax
  • For companies who have other offices overseas or clients in other markets, they are able to stay in touch at affordable rates
  • DID numbers are a powerful marketing tool, since no phone calls are left unanswered

There are a number of important considerations for foreign investors deciding on which country to invest in and how to enter. The Australian market is a very attractive market for United States investors for a variety of reasons. The Australian government provides a wealth of information to allow investors to make choices that best fit the nature of their business. Investors need to carefully consider which structure of business is best for them, as well as sort through license requirements, tax matters, and legal implications.

When establishing a company in Australia or any other foreign market, DID numbers are a wise tool to invest in. Australian DID numbers will allow a company to be able to receive calls from Australia without having to be located in Australia. Australian DID numbers will also allow for a company to announce their expansion into the Australian market and begin establishing a presence in the new market.

Australian DID Numbers from United World Telecom

Australian DID numbers are an invaluable tool for any foreign investor looking to register and establish their business in Australia. Even if a business isn’t looking to fully relocate to Australia, but simply open a branch in Australia or move one department to the nation, Australian DID numbers allow for that to happen and for the communication between the multiple departments to be seamless across borders.

United World Telecom offers Australian DID numbers as well as DID numbers for many other nations across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about how to purchase your Australian DID numbers and other features offered to support your business’ growth and success.