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Fax to Email

Fax to Email

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What is Fax to Email?

United World Telecom toll free forwarding service brings a multitude of advanced and innovative features such as forward-fax to help optimize business efficiency and productivity. By activating the forward-fax feature you can enable your local and toll free forwarding numbers to receive and forward faxes directly to your email in-box.

What it does?

The Fax to Email feature helps turn fax into email and view them on the go on your smart phone. With this feature you don’t have to be in your office to receive an important fax from your business client. If you’ve ever wished that the fax you received would have just been emailed to you then this feature is what you need.

With UWT toll free forwarding service and the add-on forward-fax feature, you can receive fax transmissions and send them to the email address (es) you designate, using the same toll free number that receives incoming voice calls.

Your faxes are emailed and stored in your online account safely. You can save faxes to your PC and also view them in a .pdf or .tiff file on both your PC and mobile devices.

Furthermore, the outgoing faxes are transmitted over an encrypted connection. For increased security, to ensure these files are not viewed by others, you can also make them password-protected. Therefore to view these fax come email files on .pdf and .tiff format, viewers will have to insert the necessary password.

In addition to receiving faxes on your email account, the fax-forward feature also gives you the option to forward these emails to other email addresses. This can truly help you improve your business efficiency.

For example: if you are an entrepreneur on business travel and you are also waiting for your client to send you business approval and order requirements via fax. If you are not in your office and it will take days for you to return back and view the fax, there are chances that the client may cancel the order especially if he/she needs the order to be delivered on an urgent basis.

However, in this situation forward-feature can be quite useful for you. You can receive and view the fax sent by your client on your smart phone when you are out of town and follow up with the client efficiently.

Benefits of Forward-Fax Feature

Forward-fax offers a plethora of benefits to users. Here are the benefits offered by forward-fax feature:

1. Enables You to Have an Electronic Version of Your Faxes

Forward-fax feature enables users to have an electronic version of faxes received on fax machines. The faxes received on your fax machines are sent to your designated email account using the same toll free number that you use to receive your incoming voice calls.

For example if you know an important fax from a client is about to arrive but you have to go for site inspection far from your office, then this feature can really help. You can receive your fax on your email account and check it on your smart phone.

2. Enables you to Save Faxes on Your PC

Since the faxes are transformed into electronic versions. It enables you to save faxes on your PC thereby eliminating the need to scan your faxes.

3. Enhanced Security

To ensure confidential faxes are not viewed and opened by random people who might sometimes view your PC in your absence, once you save faxes on your PC, you can encrypt them and make them password-protected. So, even if you have the files are saved on your system, they are not going to be accessible to others unless they know the password.

By receiving important faxes on your email, you can view them on the go and take real time business decisions and forward them to other email addresses timely without any delay. This can significantly improve your business productivity.

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