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United States Virtual Numbers

united states virtual phone numbers

Because you are a successful entrepreneur, you spend every hour of the day concentrating on growing your company and reinvesting the money you earn. Because you have so much to deal with, it’s essential that you have an affordable and efficient way to manage your communications. This is where United States virtual phone numbers are a lifesaver. There are many benefits to virtual phone numbers. Here are some of the best ways they can serve your business:

  • Keeping personal and business communications separate: Because you want to look professional, you don’t really want to be handing out your personal phone number to your customers, particularly when you want to publish a business number on your website. United States virtual numbers allow you to have numbers that are dedicated to your business so that you can keep your personal calls separate.
  • Becoming more accessible: United States virtual phone numbers provide a convenient way for customers to call your business and reach you wherever you are. You can have calls routed to multiple numbers at the same time so that you never miss a single call. You can also make it even more convenient for your customers to call you by having toll free virtual numbers, so they don’t have to pay for their calls.
  • Branding your business consistently: Maintaining a consistent brand image for your company is vital. United States virtual numbers facilitate this. You can create a customizable greeting so that when customers call, they know they have reached a professional company and they will feel confident about doing business with you.
  • Getting advanced features: United States virtual numbers offer you many more features than your cell phone alone provides. For example, you can take advantage of unlimited extensions, failover forwarding, call recording, simultaneous calling, voicemail and SMS to email, rollover minutes, black and white lists, and local ringback tones.
  • Avoiding dedicated hardware: You can’t beat United States virtual phone numbers when it comes to affordability. This is because you don’t have to dish out money for dedicated hardware or expensive software. All the services are managed in the cloud by your service provider, so you also avoid the cost of training staff and expensive technical support.
  • Choosing toll free virtual numbers: You have many options when it comes to United States virtual numbers. And one of them is toll free virtual numbers. When you choose this type of virtual number, it means your customers can call you for free whenever they need to. Using toll free numbers is a great way to expand your business reach and grasp new markets. They also help to increase your efficiency and promote a professional image of your business.
  • Improving your customer service: Customers who need to get in touch with you for support or with questions about your products don’t really want to have to pay for the call. Providing them with a toll free United States virtual phone number will give them a better opinion of your company. They will appreciate the effort you make and will have a greater tendency to choose your company over a competitor.
  • Projecting a professional persona: All successful global corporations use United States virtual numbers. That’s how they become so popular with their customer base; they are seen as both familiar and local. United States virtual phone numbers also help them to develop an air of professionalism with their clients and associates. Even a one-person operation can benefit from a United States virtual phone number. Stop relying on your personal cell phone number and take your business to another level.
  • Running your business from the cloud: United States virtual phone numbers are not tied down to any specific phone line. Because they are run from the cloud, you can have your calls routed to any number or numbers wherever you may be, at any given time.

These days, most businesses make transactions with customers throughout the world on a daily basis. For this reason, it’s crucial to give your customers toll free United States virtual phone numbers. They are easy to remember, simple to use, and they don’t cost your customers a penny to use. All smart business owners around the world are making the most of United States virtual phone numbers and expanding their customer base.

It’s about time you subscribed to United States virtual numbers for your business. Show your customers how professional you really are and give them an incentive to call your company. Contact United World Telecom today and talk to our team of experts about which areas you would like your United States virtual numbers to be in. You won’t regret it. We can also provide you with virtual numbers in more than 140 other countries. Don’t forget to ask about a free trial.