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beijing virtual phone numbers
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Beijing Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

As one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, Beijing offers some of the best opportunities for businesses willing to expand to China’s capital city. And the best way to do so is with Beijing virtual phone numbers. As a form of modern telecommunication that leverages the newest advances in cloud computing and VoIP, Beijing virtual phone numbers are the answer to establishing a business presence in Beijing in the 21st century.

Get a Beijing Virtual Phone Number

Beijing virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that can be dialed by individuals in Beijing, which allows for callers to reach businesses that are located outside of China. When a Beijing virtual phone number is dialed, the call is instantly routed to another phone number, called the destination phone number, which can be located anywhere in the world. This allows businesses to keep their domestic phone numbers while also opening up lines of communication outside of their headquarters.

Vice versa, when combined with an added feature known as “outbound calling,” businesses can directly target prospective clients and customers in Beijing with a phone number that is identical in look and function to “normal” phone numbers. This means that businesses that use Beijing virtual phone numbers immediately gain an authoritative business presence without establishing a physical presence — something that can prevent small businesses and startups from accessing Beijing’s vibrant economy.

In this article, we will take a look at what Beijing virtual phone numbers are, how they’re used in business, and how to get them from one of the world’s most trusted telecom service providers, United World Telecom.

Taking Advantage of Add-Ons

Add-ons are also available for Beijing virtual phone numbers, which can exponentiate how your business handles calls to and from Beijing. For instance, you may want to use “call recording” to ensure that your customer service representatives are following protocol, as well as serving as a document for future reference. Then there’s “simultaneous ringing,” which allows inbound calls to ring all devices that are connected to your Beijing virtual phone number system (i.e. PBX) so that inbound calls are always answered in the shortest time frame available.

Now that you understand what Beijing virtual phone numbers can bring to your business expansion efforts in Beijing, let’s take a look at how easy it is to get them from one of the world’s most trusted telecom service providers, United World Telecom.

How to Get Beijing Virtual Phone Numbers from United World Telecom

Begin by visiting United World Telecom’s home page at

Once there, you’ll find a number of links and telecom services that United World Telecom offers. For Bahrain virtual phone numbers, you’ll want to click on “Local Numbers,” which will lead to another webpage with dropdown menus organized under 2 categories: “Select Your Virtual Phone Number” and “Enter Your Destination Phone Number.”

First, select the country code from the list, which is “China (+86).” Next, you’ll be prompted to choose a type of virtual phone number. Because we are choosing Beijing virtual phone numbers, you have a few options:

You can select “Toll Free” numbers, which allow you to have a geographically-agnostic and professional way to offer toll free calling to customers in Beijing.

  • “Universal Toll Free (UIFN),” which allows your business to provide toll free access to over 140 countries around the world (as well as Beijing).
  • “National,” which provides a phone number that works in Beijing as well as other areas of China.
  • If you select “Geographic,” another dropdown menu appears, reading “Please Select a City.” To target Beijing, scroll down to “Beijing (10)” and select it.

Depending on the type of Beijing virtual phone number that you have chosen, you will either have the choice of selecting a virtual phone number from a list or you will be provided one upon activation.

Now that you’ve selected your Beijing virtual phone number, you will enter your destination phone number’s country code and remaining digits. After, click on “View Rates & Try for Free.” A number of payment plans will appear, which can accommodate small businesses and large enterprises. Below payment plans, you’ll find a number of the aforementioned add-ons like “call recording” and “outbound calling.” Select the appropriate add-ons and scroll down to enter your contact information.

Once you’ve submitted your contact information, the rest of the process is relatively straightforward for those who’ve had experience with online transactions. You will add your billing information, payment information, and review your purchase. After this, you have the ability to a) add more

Beijing virtual phone numbers or b) finalize your transaction after agreeing to the terms & conditions. Within 24 hours, a customer service representative from United World Telecom will contact you to aid in the start-up process and ensure that your organization can start using your Beijing virtual phone numbers immediately.

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