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Information on International Callback

International callback is a service used to provide low calling rates and high quality connections for outbound international phone calls. How callback works, basically, is the originator of the call will call a trigger number or access number given to them by their provider and hang up on one ring. Since the caller hangs up before they get an answer, they are not charged for the call. The provider will then call the original phone number back and give them system access for the international phone number they are trying to call.

This is much cheaper than calling the international phone number directly because it is not a direct call overseas. The callback service provider is charged a low rate by their carrier, so they can in turn charge a low rate to the customer.

The callback does not always have to be initiated by an outgoing call. There are actually several methods of initiating an international callback. A call can be triggered via email. Basically, the customer will send an email to the provider. Upon receiving the email callback trigger, the provider will make the callback. This can also be done by sending an SMS message. A recently developed method utilizes UANI or CallerID to capture the phone number of the calling party through a universal trigger number. This method allows customers to use one universal trigger number to receive callback on many different phone numbers.

International callback is utilized by people in many countries worldwide. Because international calls are expensive in many countries, international callback can be very effective for people in those countries. Because international calls from the US are inexpensive, callback essentially provides US rates for non-US originated calls, therefore providing a much lower rate for the caller than if they were to dial direct to the destination country.

Another great thing about international callback is that it opens up business opportunities for many people. Large providers, such as United World Telecom, provide callback reseller opportunities for people to start their own business by selling UWT services. Resellers receive wholesale rates on international callback, so they can resell the service at a large profit. There are currently thousands of UWT resellers thriving on international callback service.

Join United World Telecom and see for yourself how callback services can both save you money and make you money. Let international callback work for you.

How it works via SMS:

Insert the last seven digits of your Access Number in an SMS message and send it to our UK based trigger number +(44) 77 3659 2284

Example: If your Access Number is 1 305 555 1111 then you will need to enter:

5551111 in the SMS message.

Once the SMS has been received, our system will call you back and will prompt you to enter the destination number followed by #.