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Outbound Calling Service: Financial Services

As a business, it is your responsibility and in your best interest to develop strong relationships with almost all clients. This is not an easy task to do, especially if your customer base is widely spread across the world. However, an outbound calling service from a virtual phone service provider like United World Telecom can help you appear closer to your customers without drastically increasing your expenses.

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How Does Outbound Calling Work?

Outbound calling is a virtual communication service that uses the internet to make local and international calls. It uses voice over IP technology to make internet calling possible. Therefore, you can use this service from anywhere and through any device like smartphones, desk phones, laptops, etc. All you need is a good internet connection and virtual phone numbers. With an outbound calling service, businesses can:

  • Increase sales and lead generation,
  • Improve brand visibility and awareness,
  • Scope the market and conduct research, and
  • Offer proactive customer support and customer success.
United World Telecom’s outbound calling service comes with a dynamic caller ID and web dialer. These tools will support your financial service’s local and international calling needs. Furthermore, it will help you secure new customers while providing excellent customer care to current ones.

Types of Financial Services that Make Outbound Calls?

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Any finance company or service that deals with banking, insurance, investment opportunities and more will need an outbound calling software to stay in contact with customers around the world. Some of the common financial businesses that can use this service are:

  • Local and global banks
  • Investments services
  • Family investment and wealth management
  • Forex services
  • Insurance companies, and more.

Sales and customer support teams in these companies can make outbound calls to provide support and assistance with new customers as well as loyal and valuable current clients.

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How Can My Finance Company Use Outbound Calling?

Financial companies need to develop a professional, credible, and reliable reputation. Your customers and clients need to know that they can trust you and your service. And to do so, you need to be in touch with them and offer help proactively. With outbound calling, your finance business can:

  • Improve sales
  • Find and qualify promising leads
  • Welcome new customers, verify and activate new accounts
  • Cross-sell or upsell
  • Send out reminders
  • Collect feedback and material for testimonials and case studies, and so on.

Local and global financial companies can use outbound calls to maintain communications and relationships with clients and customers from around the world. Additionally, make it easy for these customers to call your company back by providing a local number or toll free number. Our article on helpful outbound calling strategies can help you strengthen important business relationships.

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Steps to Purchase Outbound Calling?

Purchasing an outbound calling service is quick and easy. You simply add it to your virtual phone number with United World Telecom. Start by:
  1. Signing up for a business number (local, toll free, international) on our homepage.
  2. You can add other numbers later.
  3. Select the add-ons “Outbound Calling” and “Call Recording.”
  4. Complete the purchase.
  5. From the control panel, choose your outgoing caller ID and start calling!
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Outbound Calling Tools You Need

With United World Telecom’s outbound calling software, you can display custom and specific caller IDs to match those of the area you are calling. This is especially useful for finance companies that offer services in different states and countries. You can display a local or toll free number and create a local presence without moving or opening another field office.

Additionally, you can install our web dialer on any computer, laptop, or smartphone. And by doing so, you can place calls from any device, store contact information and call notes, check voicemail, and more. You can even get call recording for this service to record and review business calls. This can help with liability protection, performance reviews, training, etc.

All Plans Include

  • advanced ivr IVR/Auto Attendant
  • call recording Cloud Call Recording
  • voicemail Virtual Voicemail
  • unlimited extensions Call Flow Designer
  • time of day Time of Day Routing
  • country forwarding Geographic Routing
  • simultaneous ringing Simultaneous Ringing
  • sequential forwarding Sequential Routing
  • account management Outbound Calling
  • country forwarding Outbound Caller ID
  • account management Number Masking
  • failover forwarding Failover Routing
  • enterprise api Call Blocking
  • local ringback Local Ringback Tone
  • fax to email Fax to Email
  • greeting Rollover Minutes

Build Better Relationships
Through Outbound Calls

Outbound calling can help your financial company build customer trust. Instill such trust by making your company available in different locations and through easy contact methods. Sign up today or call us to learn more!
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