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Wellness for Employees in Call Centers

The best way to benefit your company is to improve the quality of life of the employees that help you run your business. If employees have access to wellness programs that enhance their performance and reduce their health risks, your business can, in turn, mirror the happiness and healthiness of its employees.

wellness for employees in call centers
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Employees who are happy with their companies generally have more energy at work and take fewer sick days. Creating a wellness program for call center employees is essential to creating a healthy workplace environment. Because call center employees must be seated at their desks throughout the day and generally have strict schedules to follow, they are at risk for a variety of health issues.

Investing in your call center employees can have a significant impact on your business if you are willing to make the investment. These ventures can include a fitness center, education on wellness techniques, company health fairs, access to free or low-cost flu shots, weight loss programs, providing healthy foods and snacks, and programs to help employees quit smoking.

You might be thinking that the costs for these programs are too high, but in truth, they are worth it in the end. Call center representatives become the face of your company when a customer has a question or a problem. If your call center employees are unhappy and unhealthy, they will become irritable over the phone or forgetful. Because your clients are the most essential part of your business, it is vital that the person they speak to is helpful and friendly. Once you create an environment where employees enjoy coming to work, you can stand back and watch as your business grows.

Some businesses make budget cuts to their employees’ healthcare because of rising costs and unstable economies. However, cutting back or eliminating these incentives will not benefit your business in the long run. Giving your employees the opportunity to see a doctor the moment they get sick or providing a place for them to workout before or after work keeps insurance premiums at lower costs. Research has shown that businesses who cut these from their budgets will eventually see their premiums rise by 10% each year. Providing healthcare onsite or on-demand can also reduce the spread of illnesses. This is essential because employees who work in a call center are in very close quarters, so if one person gets sick, eventually everyone will catch it as well.

Once your business begins to provide these incentives to your employees, you will find that employees are more likely to be motivated to get in shape. You can encourage this motivation by doing company-wide fitness challenges with monetary incentives or prizes.

If you are thinking of beginning a wellness program for your call center employees, but you have a limited budget, take note of what your employees would like to see from you. This will reduce the possibility of wasted money on a program that won’t be used. If you were thinking of adding a yoga studio to your building, find out if the majority of your employees would be interested in participating first. A small way to boost wellness in your employees is to encourage standing up and stretching between calls. You can also print out an infographic of different stretches that can easily be done at a desk and hand them out for those who might feel silly starting this practice. To encourage your employees to eat healthier, provide healthier snacks and plenty of water and tea instead of soda and juices. You can also organize a group walk during lunch breaks or offer to subsidize fitness memberships.

Another low-cost option is to utilize a spare room and turn it into a meditation or nap room where employees can recharge their batteries. Encourage wellness to all of your employees and celebrate employees who reach healthy milestones, too. If a call center employee takes on an office-wide weight loss challenge and returns with significant results, be sure to reward them for their hard work! Other employees will see these results and might be inspired to try it out for themselves.

Providing wellness programs is a logical business decision with a high ROI. After all, when your employees are happy and healthy, they’re going to work better for your company overall.

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