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Crush The Competition with Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers not only help to keep your business from inserting itself into your personal life, but they can also help you crush your competition. There are several incredible benefits to having a virtual phone number, such as a variety of built-in features, their low costs, hardware, and a reliable network.

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If you’re not familiar with what a virtual phone number is, then you probably aren’t sure why you need one for your business. Virtual phone numbers work for companies because they are an easy way for customers to reach you that isn’t tied to a specific telephone line. You can access your phone calls from any device, including cell phones, tablets, and computers, freeing you from being tied down to your desk all day for fear that you will miss an urgent phone call.

Virtual phone numbers are also great ways to save costs on long distance phone calls. If you have several clients overseas, you can purchase an affordable local phone number in those specific areas and avoid long distance fees. Even these international phone numbers are virtual so they can be tied to any device you currently use without issue.

Fulfilling the Needs of Your Customers

Contact centers are one of the business types that benefit significantly from the use of virtual phone numbers. Using local phone numbers helps agents to offer a more personalized touch with their customer service. Local phone numbers also help to alleviate the costs that some of your customers or clients would have to pay if your store is located outside of their local area.

The features provided with your virtual phone number contract can help your business portray a very successful and professional image, even if you’re working from your kitchen counter. Virtual numbers allow you to have as many numbers as you need, and they come with impressive features such as time of day routing (which will enable you to go out for lunch and not miss an urgent phone call). You can also add a customized greeting when your customers call. When a customer calls the number provided, they will be prompted by a professional greeting and then taken to a menu page that will allow the customer to choose which sector of the business they would like to speak with. For example, they may be prompted to press “1” for customer service, “2” for sales, and so on.

Virtual phone numbers also come with a feature called “call recording” in which you will be able to record phone conversations between customers and your employees. You can then use these files to figure out what works and what doesn’t work within the employee/customer dynamic. This can be a valuable tool to use when training customer service staff.

Creating a Local Presence

As previously stated, having a virtual phone number can give you a local presence in international countries, and it also allows you and your employees to work from anywhere in the world. Not only are virtual phone numbers flexible enough to allow you to step away from your desk, but you can also travel anywhere in the world. This is also a great way to keep international teams working together with functionality and ease.

Virtual phone numbers are also very affordable. Small teams and businesses have the option of choosing a flexible plan that will provide the minutes and services that they need, instead of paying extra costs for things they don’t. Because virtual phone numbers can be set up to reach most devices, you won’t need to purchase expensive phone lines. All work can be done on just one device if you choose, and you will still be able to keep everything in your business separate from your personal life and phone line.

One-Up Your Competition with Virtual Phone Numbers

The fantastic features and cost-saving benefits of a virtual phone number can genuinely give you the edge you need over your competition. If you’re thinking about purchasing a local or international virtual phone number for your business, contact us at to get started right away.

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